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House Improvement

There are many household maintenance tasks that you should consider as part of the resale value of your house. Many maintenance jobs around your house, not only needed to be completed as part of seasonal upkeep, but also helps when it comes time to put your house up on the market.

Appliance maintenance is not only a necessary part of your seasonal maintenance jobs, but can be a cost saving measure. By keeping your air conditioner in proper working order, you not only save money but help keep the environment clean and your pocket book fuller. Dishwashers are a perfect example of ensuring the resell of your house is raised that little bit more, in that a new dishwasher that is installed and is energy efficient. Many other household appliances, like icemakers or garbage disposals, that can be upgraded to newer and more energy efficient types become an excellent selling feature when putting your house up for sale.

A highly sought after feature of any pre-owned house is in different major upgrades that have been completed. This doesn't always require a great deal of money to be spent. Minor plumbing and bathroom changes that won't necessarily cost you a great deal of money include installing low-flow toilets, replacing medicine cabinets and repairing the toilet in general so that there aren't any leaks evident or a leaky tank that is slowly is draining money from your bank account.

As you look around your house to find out the little things that can be changed to make your house more saleable, you could look at such things as painting doors, window trims, or even replacing a door to an updated style. Other outside changes you can make to improve the resale value of your house is the landscaping; as curb-appeal is everything. Look to planning a flower garden, an outdoor living area, lounging and sitting areas for the garden spot. Also think about the deck areas, if you have any, to improve upon the outdoor dining areas. If you feel really ambitious, think about installing outdoor irrigation systems that could reuse much of the drainage coming from outdoor water sources.

After you have looked around the outside of the house, look at some other inside upgrades or changes that you can do for very little money. A very big selling point in resale houses include upgrading the kitchen that can include such things as replacing cabinet hardware, installing an under the cabinet garbage disposal unit, or, if your kitchen cabinets seem too outdated and you'd like to come out of the 1970's, think about replacing the cabinets with a cheap alternative.