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Cabinet hardware replacement

Replacing a cabinet's hardware is a quick and easy way to improve the look of a kitchen cabinet. The style of the hardware is the element that requires 90 percent of the work with the other 10 percent making sure that the old holes are covered with the new hardware or are similar enough in size to use the old holes.

Whether they are metal pulls for the Mission style or wooden ones for that Shaker look it is the personal feel that the pull gives you, the homeowner that is important. The one issue that you should consider, however, is the wood type. In many instances mixing woods with a particular style is something to avoid. Mission style is generally oak and Shaker is usually unadorned and likely Poplar given the origin of the Shakers in the North East. The largest criterion for drawer pulls is that they work for you.

Icemaker installation

Installing an icemaker in your new home is a simple and easy do-it-yourself project. There are two points to keep in mind when you start and finish the project. Do not let the copper tubing crimp. If this occurs you will have to begin again. Second, make sure to leave enough tubing coiled up behind the refrigerator so that when it is moved away from the wall the tubing does not get stressed.

Garbage disposer installation

If there is no disposer under the sink you will need to install one. Your first step is to check with the local building department because some communities do not permit them because of sewer capacity issues. Since there are electrical issues involved you will want to also ask the building department about what needs they have in this regard.

Garbage disposers can be fairly specific. They operate on one half horsepower and are meant for a two person household on a sewer system. If there is a septic system you will need to investigate its requirements. For a new home, with more than two people, a one horsepower unit is available and would be acceptable.

One other consideration that should be addressed before you get started is the direction of the waste tube. In some cases the waste is discharged down while in other cases it is to the side. Ask a sales associate which option would be best for your situation.

Kitchen cabinet installation

Having a good floor plan around the sink, oven and refrigerator is the key to a proper cabinet installation. If you have little experience in this area most home stores will have a designer on staff to lend a hand.

There are two basic types of kitchen cabinets to choose from: framed or frameless. A framed cabinet is basically a skeleton of a box with the door of your choosing on the front. A frameless cabinet is just that, a box of walls with no showing support elements. Either choice is fine although there is a certain amount of bending in the frameless system. The bending is not all that noticeable yet there is some.

To install the system always start with the uppers and from the corner. This will give a point of reference and an easier time of installing the counter system.