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The number of days required for transportation of vehicles varies as per the actual route to destination. Transportation of vehicles, commonly known as auto transport or international car shipping requires around 8 to 10 business days assuming that two weeks prior notice of shipment has been given. It takes 3 business days for Auto transporters to schedule a pick-up or delivery date of the vehicle. Once the pick up or delivery date nears, you'll be informed of the scheduled date and time for transit. The transit time is estimated on the basis of some standard Auto transport timings. Usually the transit time is less than that anticipated. The time also depends on whether your vehicle was loaded first or last. Please note that Interstate moving and Auto Transport are not the same

In case your vehicle was loaded last, it will be the first one to be unloaded and will be delivered to you in less time. If your vehicle was loaded first, then the delivery may be a little late, say about 2 weeks, since it will be unloaded last. You must keep these things in mind while you plan for transport of your vehicle.

After placing the order, your shipping will be scheduled as per the dates on the order form. Once the truck is assigned you'll receive a call from either the driver or its flatbed service to fix the delivery time and day. Before picking up the car, a detailed physical inspection of the vehicle is performed and noted on the bill of lading, which is to be signed by you. The inspection is again performed on delivery of the vehicle. Any damage to the vehicle is to be noted and signed by the driver to claim for the damage caused. If the damage is not noted or signed by the driver at the time of delivery, no claims will be honored.

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