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Choosing an Auto Transport Company

Selecting an auto transport company is certainly not easiest of things to do. People who are planning on moving use many different ways to find the perfect transporter. Most commonly used are the Internet and the phone book. You could ask for recommendations from your moving company but should not feel under any obligation to use the mover who you have chosen to move your household goods to also move your car. Car transportation requires specialized equipment and skills as well as insurance. Having your household goods mover also move your car may not be such a good idea at all. Ask family and fried for recommendations. They are sure to know somebody who has moved house recently and may be able to recommend the auto transport company that they used. Getting a first hand opinion is the best way of selecting or crossing off a car moving company from your list.

Check for proper transport authority

Spend a few minutes on researching auto transporters to avoid any future headaches. It is a requirement that all auto transporters should have a MC and a USDOT number that is active and registration with the Department of Transportation is an absolute necessity. The only exception to this rule is brokers or forwarders who only need to have MC numbers. Transport company credentials can be checked by doing a search either by the USDOT number or the name of the company at Besides verifying the validity of the MC ad USDOT numbers you should also ensure that the auto transporter has the proper credentials for transporting motor vehicles.

Verification of cargo insurance and liability

Besides registration at the Department of Transportation, all auto transporters are necessarily required to have cargo as well as liability insurance. Coverage could vary from one carrier to the next and it is always a good idea to get the transporter's coverage in writing before you consider hiring them. Insurance information can be confirmed on or alternatively calling the insurance company of the chosen auto transporter. Make sure the insurance is current and adequately covers your car value. Ask if there are any insurance limits and get additional coverage if necessary.

Review records and references

Don't forget to investigate the experience previous customers have had with the company. The Better Business Bureau will be able to tell you if there are any complaints filed against the company and how the situation was resolved. Get as may references as you can from customers who have used this auto transport company before and also get an informed opinion from your car sales man or any other professional in a similar field.

Confirm shipping details

Get specific details from the company regarding their policies, their timeline, procedures for pick up, inspection and delivery. Fid out about all the applicable restrictions and review your written contract carefully.

Take adequate time and trouble to ensure that you have chosen the ideal auto transporter for your car. Thorough research into the reputation of the car moving company will help you relax, knowing that you have done your best.