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When you are moving to a different country, you'll need to move household goods and personal effects (HHG/PE) through steamship lines or airline cargo overseas. International move also requires storage for moving like containers, lift vans, wooden crates or wrap pallets.

The prices of International movers depend on various factors like packing services, cargo insurance, cargo quantity, moving storage services and the final destination to move to. Cargo quantity is measured either in terms of weight or by volume. Longer distances and higher cargo quantities will lead to increased moving charges.

Once you've determined your cargo volume, you can finalize the container. The size of the container varies as per the volume of cargo, like if your cargo is 900 cubic feet you may require a container of 20'. If your cargo is greater than 1,600 cubic feet, then you may require a container of about 40'. A 40' container is large enough even to hold a car along with HHG/PE. But this mode of shipping is more expensive as compared to shipping the car and HHG/PE separately.

There are certain rules associated with international moving companies. It is better you check all the rules and regulations of your moving company. Firstly, you should have the location ready so that you can place the HHG/PE once it arrives. Some moving companies require that you clear the container within 5 to 7 days of its arrival to the port. Else you may have to pay extra charges for storage. Some moving companies provide you with an option of storing the lift van up to 30 days free of charge. You can consider such options. To reduce the shipping costs, you can go for consolidation of smaller shipments with other overseas shipments.

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