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An interstate move is a long distance move. The distance in such moves is greater than 100 miles and also requires crossing of state lines. Interstate moving prices depend on two major factors. They are: moving distance and the overall weight of the shipment. The more the distance and weight, the higher are the charges. To reduce your shipping prices for interstate moves, you can opt for consolidated shipping. In consolidated shipping, your goods will be placed along with the shipments of other customers. This helps in reducing the expenses.

It is important to have a clear communication with the moving company, moving storage company, booking agent and the origin and destination agent in order to avoid last minute confusions. Clarity in communication is a must since interstate moves involve different parties who have different responsibilities. Make sure you clear all your doubts well in advance
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Choosing a Mover

Choosing a Moving Company for your Move

It's no wonder if you are nervous just at the thought of moving. Moving really is a hectic job which will take a lot of your time and energy. To make moving easier, there are a number of moving companies available. Choosing a good moving company is one of the important decisions you need to make. Knowing a little about how to choose a moving company can help you select a good moving company for your move.

The Move worth Remembering for a Lifetime

Choosing a moving company is a tedious task. Prior to your move, make a list of the moving companies you come across. You can even search for them in internet and newspapers. Talk to each of the moving companies personally and enquire about price, services offered and your rights and responsibilities. Note down the details of each moving companies. It is wise to collect a brochure from each moving company you visit. This helps you compare different moving companies and select the best. Also check for the reputation of those moving companies. More than all these experience of other people is the best way to determine a good mover. Talk to your friends or relatives who have recently moved and collect the necessary information and reviews about the moving company they hired.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has made Dispute Settlement Program for interstate movers. This involves settling disputes regarding loss or damage of goods on shipment. Check if the mover is involved in Dispute Settlement Program.

American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) is an organization which follows the tariff and rules declared by the U.S Department of Transportation. AMSA has a number of companies as their members. Choosing one among them is advisable.

Certified Movers

Why Go for a Certified Mover?

Not all people have good experience moving. Interstate move is something done very rarely. We don't tend to move very often, hence almost everyone lacks enough experience. That's the reason, choosing a good moving company also becomes difficult. There are people who go for a wrong mover and later suffer due to it. Choosing a certified mover can be one of the best decisions you make for your interstate move. After all, you've spent all your hard earned money on purchasing all your household items.

AMSA does not recommend any particular moving company. Choosing a member of AMSA can make your move hassle free.

Certified Movers for a Peaceful Move

When you hire a certified mover, you have very little to worry about. They follow the standard rules and regulations of the industry. They provide excellent and dedicated services for your move. Furthermore, the moving charges, rights and responsibilities and arbitration are all as per industry standards.

AMSA Certified Movers Program is meant to satisfy the customers by providing quality services and handling the complaints and settling the disputes on time. The movers certified in AMSA Certified Movers Program strictly abide by the rules and regulations. In case a mover is found to disobey, they are removed from the list of certification.

Getting Moving Estimates

Choose a Legitimate Mover

One of the most important things you need to consider while moving is the moving cost. Ask your friends or relatives who have recently moved about the charges they paid. Have a clear talk with the mover as to how much he will be charging. Improper communication may make you pay more than what you had estimated. Make sure that you are not charged unreasonably.

Be aware of the Truth

Movers usually give estimates in terms of hourly rates. The mover first evaluates the items to be moved. Based on his past experience of moving the items, similar to yours, he gives you an approximate price quotation. But this may not always be the final price. The final price you are paying may vary. Sometimes, the mover may mislead you by giving a very low hourly rate. Later, prior to unloading your stuff, you may be charged a different rate. Hence beware of such things.

"Not to Exceed" Estimate

In this type of estimation, the mover evaluates the actual item list. Based on the items to be moved gives you estimation and agrees that the final price cannot exceed the estimated amount. If at all, the actual amount is less than the estimated amount you need to pay lesser amount. But if the actual items to be moved exceed, you need to pay more. This is one of the best estimates you can go for. Have everything in writing so that you don't have to face any problems on shipment. An insurance coverage for your move is also helpful.

Make a Check List for Moving

Proper planning and organization can help you have a painless move. Recall all the things that are necessary for move and note down for your reference. Here are some of the things to be done.
  • Pack the things that you'll no more be using in the next few days while in your current place.
  • If you find some items that is no more of use, discard them rather than carrying all the stuff to your new place.
  • When you are free, spend a little time to pack the delicate and important articles and place them safely.
  • Apply for change of address, file for disconnection of phone, discontinuation of news paper etc.
  • Talk to your insurance company about your moving and get the necessary information.
  • Update the medical records of yourself and your family members by undergoing routine check-up.
  • Keep with you the necessary medications required for all your family members.
  • Pack the items in use a day before moving.
  • Prior to moving drain or dispose water, gas and oil.
  • If you have a pet which you are taking with you while moving, get it checked through a vet and ask for tips for safe transportation of your pet. Keep the check-up documents with you.
  • Call your mover and reconfirm the date of moving.
There are many other points to be considered while moving. The movers can help you with different tips while moving. If you are looking for a moving company for your relocation, our website can help you get a best mover. Just fill the online form in our website. We will give you ten free estimates from top moving companies.

Planning Your Move

How to Plan

Moving is a kind of task which can make you weary. Proper planning can make moving smooth and comfortable. So just plan a little and make your move to new place an exciting one.

Plan your move in advance

Plan your moving date such that you have enough time for all the chores to be completed. It is better to make a checklist and planner of all the things you need to complete prior to move. The best season for move is between October and April. Hence, try to plan your move during this time. Choose middle of the month for moving because at the start or end of the month, the rentals are usually due. A weekday can be a better option. Planning during the off-season can fetch you good offers and more options of moving companies.

The Packing details

Label all the boxes as to what they contain. Labelling them along with the destined room can make your unpacking a lot easier. Make a notification about the change in address. File a request for the disconnections of all the utilities and also for connections in your new home.

Make your Move Exciting

If you load the work for last minute, your move can become a most horrible incident. It will just add to your tensions and limit the options. Instead, start the work earlier and be completely prepared for the moving day. This will make your moving an exciting and enjoying experience.

Time Table for Your Move

Things to do 6-8 Weeks before Your Move

Moving is not a one day job. It requires on-hand planning and organization. The earlier you start working; the better will be your move. Else, you'll remain worn-out. Here are a few things you need to do six to eight weeks before your move:
  • First of all, you need to hire a mover in advance and confirm the moving dates so that you can work accordingly. This is the most important task you shouldn't delay.
  • Contact your insurance agent and inform about your move. This is necessary because you need to transfer all the forms of insurance you have to your new home.
  • Make a separate file and place all the moving related documents in it. This will help you know the over all cost of moving. Also some of the moving expenses help in tax deduction. Obtain an IRS change of address, Form 8822, either by visiting website or by calling (800) 829-1040.
  • Check that all the important documents related to property and finance like wills, stock certificates etc are properly filed and placed so that you can easily carry on the moving day.
  • Update your medical records and place in a file. Check that you have filed all the necessary prescriptions and vaccination documents.
  • If you are familiar with the layout of your new home, you can sit with your family and discuss about placement of your belongings. This lessens the confusion when you enter your new home.
  • Create a list of items in your house. Check out which of them are really useful and which are not. Separate out the items which you are no more using and planning to dispose. You can dispose them either by donating to a charity or by arranging a garage sale.
  • You are moving to a new house and hence getting familiar with the new environment is most important. Try to collect enough information about the new neighbourhood. Check out for schools, hospitals, community programs and parks available in advance so that it's easy for you once you move.
  • Plan the travel of your family members during this time. Avoid delaying else you may find unavailability of tickets. Planning and booking in advance relieves you of tensions of moving your family members.
  • If you are planning to pack on your own, you need to start stacking the packing materials needed. Check the different items in your house and estimate the number of boxes needed. You can purchase the boxes in some local stores or even online shopping. You can even buy them from moving companies. The advantage of buying from a moving company is that they provide quality materials to protect your items. They provide boxes of size suitable for your items and also easily loadable to a van while moving.
  • If you have taken books from library make a note to return it on time. Also, recall the items if any, borrowed from your neighbours or friends and return them.
  • Check for schools or colleges at your new place. Notify the old and new educational institutions about your move. Make necessary arrangements for transfer of school records and registration in advance.

Things to do 4-5 Weeks before Moving Date.

Moving day is just a month from now. Here is a list of things to be done four to five weeks before your move.
  • Obtain a change of address form available in Post Office. You can also get the form online at
  • Once you opt for change of address, make few copies of address change notice and send them to credit card companies, insurance companies, clubs, associations, banks, your family doctors and dentists, magazines and newspaper subscriptions and also to your relatives and friends.
  • This is the time you need to decide whether you would like to do entire packing yourself or want your moving company to do it. Else, you can even share the packing between you and the moving company. Moving companies are experienced in packing and hence they can better carry out the job. They have good packing materials and can pack with care. If you choose to pack yourself, be careful while packing delicate items. You can even ask for the suggestions of your movers about safe packing to avoid jerks.
  • You can take help of your family members for quicker packing. Try to involve children too. This helps them learn about packing and moving. Such chores can be a great excitement for the little ones. But make sure that you are supervising the packing done by kids and never let them alone.
  • Separate your new and old belongings. The stuff you are no more using can be disposed rather than being carried to your new home. Old magazines, old books, broken items, old clothes which you are no more using are few of the things that can be left out. The more you carry, the higher will be the cost of moving. Make a note of the items you are not carrying, the items that are to be moved by movers and the ones that you move. This makes your job a little easier.
  • Inform the utility providers like telephone agency, electric company, trash collection, cable operators at your old as well as new place, about your moving date in advance. This lets them transfer your connections to new home on time.
  • Check for the bank transfers that are to be done to your new place. Avoid dragging such tasks to the last minute. Else, you will be over burdened by work at the time of moving.
  • If you are moving from one state to other, check for documents necessary to apply for a new driver's license and also the registration of vehicle in the state you are moving. Keep everything ready in advance.

Things to do 3 weeks before the moving date

There are just three weeks to move now. By now, you are a little busy in making necessary arrangements for your move. Here is a list of things you should do three weeks before you move.
  • The first thing you need to do is call your mover to confirm the date of moving. This is the time you need to inform the mover about changes if any like change in moving date, change in the packing requirement or change in the umber of items to be moved.
  • Choose how you would like to transport your vehicle. This can be done either through the movers or auto transport. If you are opting for auto transport, you'll have to make reservation for vehicle pick up
  • If you own a pet and a planning to take it to your new home, get a thorough check-up of your pet by your veterinarian and update the medical records. These are most essential while moving your pet and some states have made these mandatory.
  • All the valuable items in your home like jewellery should be carried by you rather than transporting it through a mover. Check all your valuable items and pack them safely. Place them separately so that you won't mix them up with the other stuff which needs to be moved by mover.
  • Make a separate list of the items you'll be packing and the items to be packed by the mover. Be clear in explaining the mover about this to avoid confusions at a later stage.
  • Some states do not allow the transportation of plants. Hence if you are moving to such a state, give your houseplants either to charity or your friends.
  • This is the time to check if you have any items to be given to laundry. Check for the items at your house which may require repairs and get it done now. Other chores like returning the library books etc should be undertaken now.
  • Check if the elevator in your new home is in working condition, else you can request for the same and see that it is repaired on the moving day. Else, your moving may become more hectic.

Things to do 2 weeks before the moving date

Two weeks to move - You are done with most of the things. Here are a few things to be done now:
  • Clean your house and make it free from all the junk and waste items. There are certain items which cannot be moved to your new home. The items whose disposal causes hazard to the environment are banned from moving. The non-toxic and non-flammable cleaning fluids should be taped and sealed in plastic bags to avoid disasters. Tools like lawn mower which run on oil should be drained off the fuel. This helps in safe transportation. Before moving it is recommended that you disconnect all the appliances.
  • If you and your family members are travelling by your personal vehicle, get it serviced and keep it ready for the moving day.
  • Transfer all the prescriptions of yourself and your family members to a pharmacy in your new place.
  • If you have a computer, check that it is disconnected and disassembled before moving. This is the time you can take back up of all the files on a hard disk. This will be helpful in case your computer faces problems on reassembling. Carry the files and disks with you.
  • Stop the regular deliveries like bread, news papers, milk, bread etc and pay the dues left over.
  • Clean the lockers you and your family members have in gym, school or college and pack the necessary items for moving.

Things to do 1 Week before the moving date

The moving day is approaching. Make a final check of all the work. Don't keep any pending work for the moving day. Here are the things you need to do one week before your move:
  • Decide beforehand as to which items are going to be moved by mover and which one will be carried by you. It is better to carry valuable items like jewellery with you rather than transport through the mover.
  • Once the items are packed label them accordingly. You can just put a separate mark for those to be moved by the mover and the ones that will be moved by you. Put a separate mark on the delicate items so that they are loaded last.
  • Pack the clothes and other necessary items you need on reaching your new home, in a separate bag and carry it with you.
  • Check all the repairs and other minor pending works to be done and complete them.
  • You may need some items while in journey. Pack such items in a separate bag.
  • Clean the appliances like refrigerator, freezer and stove one day before the moving day. Baking soda can be used to remove odours if any.
  • Make sure that the movers have your correct contact information so that they can contact you in case of emergencies. Also, give them the correct address and phone number of your new house.
  • Discuss the payment methods with the moving agents before moving.
  • Check the details of moving insurance.
  • Pick up the pending dry cleaning and laundry clothes. Make sure to pay the outstanding bills if any.
  • Disconnect the appliances to be moved and clean them thoroughly. Hand over the keys, alarm codes, remote controls etc to the new owner or a real estate agent.
  • Inform the police if your old house is going to be left without any residents.

Moving Day

Here comes the moving day! Everything is done in advance and you are prepared for your move. You are a little nervous as well as excited about moving to a new home. Here is the list of things to be done on the moving day:
  • The moving van driver will contact you or your moving agent 24 hours prior to the arrival time at your new place. This gives you enough time to plan and prepare yourself.
  • Be interactive with your movers. It is necessary for you to be physically present at your home while moving. This helps to provide required guidance to the movers. If you are unable to be present at the moving time, you can appoint a representative who can properly guide the movers. The representative should be introduced to the movers so that they can contact him whenever necessary. The representative should be available whenever the movers require any help. He should also be given the power to sign the necessary documents.
  • Give the correct address and clear directions of the new house to the moving van driver. Provide your contact information to the driver so that he can contact you in case of emergencies. Also, collect the contact information of the driver so that he can be contacted in case of delays.
  • Once the agent of the moving company arrives, view the important papers and check the details. The agent tags all the items for the inventory. Assist or accompany the agent while doing so.
  • It is advisable that you hire a baby sitter to look after your kids at the time of loading and unloading the goods. This makes your work easier and your kids are also well taken care of.
  • Don't let your pets interfere with the moving process. Keep them in a room where there's no much hassle of moving
  • Check all the packed items once again to see that everything is in order.
  • Don't disconnect your phone until the last hours of your moving. You may require it to make calls in case of emergencies. Once the movers have left, you can disconnect, pack and carry the phone along with you.
  • Clean your house before moving. This helps you to identify the items left out if any. Cleaning before the moving van arrives is better.
  • Disconnect the utilities in your old house and get them connected in your new house.
  • Keys, alarm codes and remote controls should be handed over to the new owner or a real estate agent.
  • If you want the movers to handle your unpacking inform them in advance. This helps them plan the task and handle the job accordingly.
  • Don't use the moved appliances atleast upto 24 hours after delivery. This reduces the risk of damage.
  • Keep with you, the floor plan you had already prepared. This will help you to guide the movers in placing your furniture and other household items. It is important to be present at the time of unloading the items so that you can give instructions to the mover.
  • If for some reason, you are unable to be present at the time of unloading, a responsible family member can take the charge to accept delivery, instruct the movers and make payments. The number of items and condition of delivered goods should also be checked immediately on delivery.
  • Once you sign the inventory sheet, you are accepting that you have received all your goods in proper condition. Hence check all the items before signing the sheet and mention any loss or damage of goods in the inventory sheet and report it to the concerned moving agent.
  • Arrange for payment on delivery. You can make payments either through cash, cashier's check or money order.

Things to be done after moving

Now that you are done with your moving, the most tedious task is over. But everything is not yet done. Here are some tasks you need to complete post moving:
  • Identify important institutions in your neighbourhood. The ones you need to know urgently are hospitals and clinics, schools and colleges, libraries, gas stations etc. You must enquire where the police stations and fire stations are located nearby. One never knows when the necessity arises. Knowing shopping areas in the neighbourhood should also be a priority.
  • Maintain contacts to get better services at your new home. Avail services of garbage collection at the earliest. Also make yourself aware of the types of recycling programs used.
  • If you haven't yet tried to find the service providers nearby, try doing it now. Find the nearest banks, cable television, dry cleaners, laundry etc.
  • If you have moved to a different state contact your local DMV and apply for the registration of vehicle and a new driver's vehicle as per the rules of your new state.
  • Provide the doctor/dentist nearby with the necessary medical records of you and your family members. This helps you get a better feedback from them.
  • Transfer all your insurance policies to the new place. Approach an insurance agent in your area and get it transferred. If required provide the value of your assets and coverage period. This can be useful in the future.
  • Visit the libraries and take new library cards from the library.
  • Check if your old voter registration is valid in the new place. Else apply for voter registration in your new place.
  • File and preserve all the documents related to packing and moving.
Once you are done with everything, take rest and relax. You are in your new home, freak out and enjoy.

Budget for Moving

Whether you are moving within your state or across the country, it is most important that you plan your budget before beginning to move. Decide how much you would like to spend for your move, and then plan your move accordingly. If you don't plan your budget you may end up spending too much on your move and then repent later.

How Much Can You Spend?

Consider the distance of travelling. If you are moving within state, the cost of moving may be less and you can afford more services from your mover. If you are moving interstate, then the cost of moving is high. You can cut down the costs by taking fewer services from your mover by doing some things yourself. Also, the time you choose to move is very important. The moving costs less if you are moving between October and April. Moving is also inexpensive on weekdays. If moving is not very urgent you can wait for the off-peak season to reduce your budget.

Tips to Save Money While Moving

The more you take the services of movers, the more will be the cost. If spending too much for your move is not your cup of tea, try doing some things yourself. Packing your belongings, loading and unloading the truck, if done by you can save your moving costs considerably. You can hire a mover only for the transportation of the goods. This can be best for moving in low budget provided you have enough time to do the things yourself.

Do you require Storage?

Many times you'll be moving directly from one house to another. But sometimes, due to some reasons there may be delay in moving into your new home. The time of moving from your old house may not match with the time you are moving into your new home. During such a move, you may require storage for your belongings. You'll be charged an additional amount for that. Make sure you include this in your budget.

Save money on moving supplies

The moving supplies you'll need are provided by the mover. But instead if you purchase them on your own, you can save some of your money. Here are a few tips to do so.
  • Packing boxes are available in many supermarkets. You can find out the cheapest ones which can fulfil the necessity. Purchasing extra large boxes may be useful.
  • For packing delicate items, use old news papers and tissue papers. This will save money which you'll otherwise have to spend buying a bubble wrap.
  • Find the cheapest packing tapes available. Spending unnecessarily huge amount on such materials is of no use.
  • While moving with your family, get your own blankets for the journey instead of renting them.

Pick-up and Delivery While You Move

Pick up and delivery are major tasks of moving and need to be done with care. Inexperienced movers may not be able to handle the goods in an efficient manner and hence hiring experience and professional movers is very necessary for the safety of your belongings.

Decide the dates when you want your shipment to be picked and delivered. Talk to your mover to know if the mover is available on those dates. If not, try to change the dates so that it is convenient for both, you as well as the mover. Confirm the dates with the mover.

In case of change in plan, inform the mover before hand. If the mover is unable to turn on the mentioned day, he must inform you in advance. In such cases, you must reschedule the dates. Check to make sure that the picking and delivery dates are mentioned in the bill of lading.

Ask your mover to provide you the notification of weight and charges. Talk to your mover about the compensation you are entitled to, in case of delay in shipment. All these things must be discussed clearly before the order is finalised.

Once the shipment is delivered you need to produce the receipt of shipment. As soon as the shipment is delivered, check for the condition of the items and then sign the receipt. If there is any damage or loss, make sure you mention it in the receipt.

Making Payment to Your Moving Company

Most of the movers accept all types of payments like credit card, cash, check and money order. But there are some moving companies which adopt specific methods of payments. Discuss with your mover, the different methods of payment they accept and mention which method best suits you. Knowing the payment options in advance will avoid confusions while making payment.

Transportation charges

Check the freight bill before paying the transportation charges. The freight bill should contain the different types of services provided and charges for each of the service. If you had selected to move on 'Collect on Delivery' basis, you must make payment of complete bill at the time of delivery. Be prepared to make the payment. In case of failure to make payment, the mover has right to refuse delivering the goods. This can further prove to be expensive.

Charges when more than one vehicle is used for transportation

Sometimes the goods to be transported may be high enough to fit into one vehicle and hence, two or more vehicles are used for transportation. In such cases, you may either have to pay complete bill once the entire shipment is delivered or in parts after each shipment is delivered. Talk to your mover about how the payment is to be made and be prepared for it.

Lost or Damaged Shipments

Once the shipment arrives, you are given a receipt to sign. By signing the receipt you are acknowledging that you have received all the goods in proper condition. Hence before you sign the receipt, make sure that you check if you have received all the items and also the condition of the goods. In case of loss or damage, you have right to claim for compensation as well as the refund of transportation charges.

Arrange your abode for moving

You are duty bound to finish certain tasks in order to make your home ready for an ultimate move out. You have to carry out important steps right from 30 days prior to the eve of your sweet home's move out. To ensure smooth transition of home moving, you have to create a modest scheduling checklist, consisting of the guidelines below:
  • Hiring a mover otherwise moving yourself.
  • The weight of your furniture should be easy enough for you to drag it up the stairs. Strangely, if your furniture weighs too heavy to move, you may go for giving advertisement for selling of those pieces of furniture or can sell it in garage sale, or, it would be an altruistic move if you call for an asylum or Salvation Army shop to find whether they can use them and have them for the remaining life time of those furniture.
  • Make sure that your friends or members of family can give their time in the case of moving everything yourself.
  • If your choice is to hire a moving van, you have to check for the availability of a tail lift so that you can easily load and unload all the items in your home. Moreover, you need to clarify the maximum handling capacity of the van to confirm that it won't break any violations.
  • Try to visit some local supermarkets for purchasing few used boxes since it will cost you more if you buy it from moving company. If you have planned to move yourself, you must take more care to buy boxes on your own.
Currently you have seen a checklist for the pre-planning and have done all the necessary things prior to your moving. However, on the day of actual moving, the things which you have to finish are as follows:
  • The company which provides you houseline phone connection may stop their service at any time during your moving and hence charge all cell phones that you have in the previous night itself.
  • Ensure that you've got all important documentations with keys from your lawyer, since it is not possible to move in things without the keys.
  • Ensure that your home appliances including refrigerator are cleaned properly before packing.
  • Check all the meters at outside and notify the last number readings because you can show it if you are billed too much.
  • Lock each and every doors and windows.
  • After moving all the items out of your current house, vacuum the carpet and clean your old home.

Tips on Kitchen moving

Kitchen: an essential part of our lives

Generally, food items and beverages for our livelihood come from the kitchen. Hence, it has been considered by many people as the major place for activity. Moreover, families share their love and laugh in the kitchen, from where mouth-watering foods originate. The kitchen is the last room that will be packed and while unpacking, all items in the kitchen will be unpacked first.

Packing Tips

Here are some useful tips that have been given by us to make kitchen moving easy.
  • Basic requisites - It is important to maintain a list of items in your hands so that soon after you land to your new house you may prepare the basic things like tea or coffee. Hence you have to reserve a container which has coffee powder, milk powder, tea powder, salt, sugar, pepper, towels, dish soaps, pasta sauce, biscuits, cheese, baby food, knife, pet food, spoons, toaster, spatula, bread, butter, jam, peanut butter, torch, match box, can opener and tool kit needed in emergency. You may think that it is a big list but it is better to have such things handy rather than digging it out through supplies while you require them very much.
  • Most general items - You need to plan carefully and think well before packing. Put the least used items and the most used items at the bottom and the top respectively.
  • Handling costly things - Do you have some delicious cum costly food items with you? If then, do carry them with you during your moving. Further, ensure that you have taken few light weight items such as oats, biscuits etc with you.
  • Dispose fragile items - If you have some perishable items which you may not consume while travelling, it is best to give those away for charity or to your neighbours. Because one man's junk is another's food.
  • Purchase kitchen boxes - Kitchen boxes commonly available to fit your kitchen appliances and other food items. They are made up of safety materials which enable easy packing and suitable for items including crockery. There are plenty of kitchen boxes available at stores. The size range from 18"x18"x22"
  • Mark the boxes - If you put some marks on the boxes, you can easily identify what is in it. For instance, you have 10 saucepans that should be unpacked inside the kitchen, it would be guiding with the markings as "Pans, 10, Kitchen". Likewise, for remaining items, you may get some pre-printed labels. Otherwise, you can even make use of labels written by hand.
  • Last days of moving - The final days are critical and you should start consuming perishable food items and other frozen foods. Use paper glasses and plates since you have to pack the steel utensils prior. However, you can keep very few food items and utensils in the refrigerator and clear off unnecessary things.

Garage sale to get rid of unnecessary items

You can ensure success of your garage sale provided you have made your planning well in advance. You should determine suitable time and day for garage sale depending on your moving plan. Do not make the plan in haste since it would be the worst of all. When you organize a garage sale, you must be able to spend your time during the actual sale. Without proper planning, you can't manage your garage sale well, especially if you have many items to be sold. When you have planned in advance, there will be no necessity to run to your neighbours frequently while garage sale is going on.

It is of primary importance to check correctly, what you like to sell. Organizing a community garage sale can be profitable for everyone as the sale takes place at only one person's house where all the items for sale will be assembled together. This can be done if your neighbours also wish to make a garage sale. Moreover, you should add something which may draw attention among the crowd. For instance, you can include a bake sale hooked on to the garage sale which will fetch you extra money with extra lookers. Muffins and cookies can draw more in a crowd than any other things.

In the course of a triumphant garage sale, the third step is ensuring that you have a number of changes, much of it than paper currency, since many people who go for garage sale bargain and you have to sell many items. This requires that you have more change. Otherwise, you have to delay each and every sale which will reduce the number of people interested in buying things from your garage.

Concentrate on the finest ways to advertise about your garage sale spending less money. This is your fourth step for a decent garage sale. You can go for a mailbox, newspaper or a community supermarket as a means to publicize the sale. In the case of community sale, possibly you can ask other parents and kids to cover the costs incurred on advertisement.

After fulfilling all the basic requirements for a victorious and hassle free garage sale, imagine the values you are receiving in. As you have to work hard in the beginning stages of a garage sale, you will reap worthy returns in the end. You may want to dispose the never using household items. You might probably have purchased something and later felt that it doesn't suit the interior decoration of your house. You may consider that some items are unwanted by people however those items will be the best in selling. Despite your opinion on an old patio set, which you consider the most fitting one for the garbage heap it might satisfy the crowd.

Don't worry about the variety of announced sale. No problem on the kind of sale that is promoted. Unless you start the initial effort for keeping the course up to the finishing point, you may not find the GOLDMINE of your house.

There are numerous articles available for those who are sick collectors of things that one never can find elsewhere. Many people are also looking for a contract or accumulation of their personal collection of items that they can sell at a higher price to make huge profits in their own sales. These people are always interested to find a good buy for 25 cents, revolve around, and put it up for sale at a 30% bracket up.

People go for a garage sale for different reasons. Few people are looking for antiques. Very specifically you need to describe the sort of antique as to make the person, who is searching for a hidden painting of Rembrandt, be aware that they can get the item they were actually looking for. At all times, it is a big seller no matter the shape and condition of an antique is.

Some times in the year the garage sales reach better place rather than other times. For example, the garage sale in spring season will be the best opportunity to clear away lesser used things which might be stored in your basement. The things may include heavy used toys and clothing of children that have been thrown down since they don't fit your grown up kids any more. It is a wonderful chance for many other parents to buy clothing at a cheaper cost for their children. Moreover, in the spring time, you can sell your used luggage for those who are just making everything ready and up for their upcoming summer or spring vacation. You can bring more customers and sell for profits if you know how to create a garage sale at the right time.

You can include the hot items of all shape, colour, and size such as old medicine bottles, little miniature and Mrs. Butterworth bottles. This includes all sorts of things that can attract collectors. There is always high demand for the items like hockey cards, baseball cards, camping gear, coins, tools, comic books (the older and superior), dishes, lawn mowers, old model watches, and ornaments.

Little girls are always fond of doll garments and accessories (in particular the Barbie and Ken variety), little houses, cars, and these have their value always. Toys too become a huge hit especially, the hot toys of the previous season. Toys that are not easy to find in the stores because of halted production are good items for a garage sale. Buying from a garage sale is less expensive for a mom to buy a doll for her little child rather than to buy new ones available at the store.

The demand for home-produced items is always there. Hence if you find any items that require repairs, try to find the person who can mend it so that you can make those items look as much as new.

One more big idea is cutting and selling the freshly bloomed flowers of your garden. You may identify that those who come for garage sales will be pleasingly amazed when they get hold of the unpredicted.

It is essential to place a small sales spin for the items that are sold in the garage sale. You can hang up a line of clothes to show the broad variety of things and make sure that those items you have displayed never miss the eyes of the viewers. Since there is a great demand for these items, you need not feel shy. Among these, the clothes of children sell high because all parents are ready to spend this little amount on clothes. You can display back-to-school clothing if the garage sale is going on in late summer time.

Even your small mistakes in the planning process for displaying items will lead to a failure in garage sale. Lay down card tables and put a huge board from corner to corner between two chairs in order to make a big display table. Show off your porcelain dishes in a curio cabinet during the sale so that others can find how these items will look in their home. You can arrange all the china in the cabinet and put up everything for sale.

Be aware of the bargaining people and try to alter the pricing for items subsequently. The garage sale is not meant for making profits. Even if your mind says the price is not fair, you can close the deal to get rid of the items. However, this decision must be made with caution.

At all times, price your commodities properly and ensure that it is marked correctly on price tags. It is not good for you to leave your customers with a number of unanswered questions. Supposing you are doing the sale along with many families, you need to notify the price tags in a systematic way with information about the price and the owner. For example, you might mark an item that James is selling for 50 cents as J50 and so on.

Since people pay money for your products, cautiously take away and store up all the tags of the sold objects on a sheet or any other method that can keep a record of the garage sale. This will clearly help all the owners to take away their earnings without any problem.

Educate your customers about the testing facilities in the nearby outlets for electrical or electronics items such as blender, an old toaster, hair dryers etc. so that they can test the items before they buy them. This helps you to prove that the working condition of the item is good.

If your sale is on any frail or fragile items which could perhaps be banged over by moving customers or kids, set them up on a powerful table away from the crowd. It is always better to put them inside the curio cabinet referred earlier so that they could find the magnificence of the display of these items.

Put similar items in large number in lots of six or twelve. Sell the lot as an entire entity, instead of pricing them separately. Put the similar type of magazines, books, and records jointly because people like packages and bundles of similar items sell much quicker.

Giving advertisements on some local newspaper is a good idea to attract the crowd for your garage sale. If you decide to only run it on single day and your jumble sale is on Saturday, publicize this on a Thursday in the section that is especially dedicated for garage sales.

During your placing of advertisement in the newspaper, local stores, or somewhere, you have to be 100% ready for each person that may visit your sale. This includes those early birds who visit the garage sales even before you put up tables and display the items for sale. These are the true customers who know how they can benefit from a garage sale. You need to put up neighbourhood signs or any type of signs to direct people to your garage sale. Set these symbols out the night before your deal. Those people who drive by will look at the sign board and they may be interested in your garage sale even if they haven't seen the advertisements. An additional untouched garage sale market can be grabbed using sign boards.

To get more lookers for your garage sale, arrange for the sale during weekend days during which people will be looking for some activity. You may find Sunday a huge waste of time and as most people keep themselves busy on Sundays committing to complete all the pending work.

During the closing stages of the day, you may feel that you've come across a variety of nice people and few that aren't so fine, but, the mainstream of people who are present at these categories of sales are a good mixture. If you have attention in objects subsequent to the garage sale, discuss it with your clients and have them come for an upcoming sale.

There is no issue on the kind of sale that may be successful or even failure. By the end, you might have created extra money, and new friends. Moreover, you will be so tired, but making money with things that you don't need anyone is quite interesting.

Get pleasure from your day of selling and the luck you have. More than everything have FUN!

Tips to pack for the purpose of self storage

We all assume that packing is an easy task. But it is not so. You need to know how to pack properly to accommodate more number of items in the available limited space.

You must first choose an appropriate self-storage unit with all amenities you need. Before starting with packing, plan well making it easy to move to the store. You have to get a good understanding about the unit and so, it is wise to conduct a survey in a storage rental to understand how things work.

The less space you occupy in store, the less money you pay. Hence, organize all your items to be stored to minimize space utilized. When you pack items properly, you don't have to access public storage. Moreover, you can easily get access to the items you want when you have packed properly.

Make your children ready to move

Moving a family is definitely a different task and that too becomes very demanding when you have kids who have their own circle of friends in schools and neighbourhood. You may assume that you have actually prepared your kids to move, but you must always be ready for unexpected things. Making up the mind of your children to move to a different location is also an important part of moving preparation.

Your kids deserve attention and you must help them to make the transition smooth. When your kids are stress free and relaxed during the move, you can also be relaxed. From age old times, a few steps have been followed in moving a family.

Finalizing moving decision

Finalizing your move is a big important decision that must be taken wisely. Just like you, your children will have their own relationships and ties with kids of their age. Kids will become easily depressed when the move troubles them. While making a decision to move your whole family, you must consider how your kids will feel when they move. You should think of all possible things that would affect their daily routine. The new school must be of benefit for your kids. They will feel lonely when they already have a handful of friends in their old school. Some kids will automatically develop a sentimental attachment to their teachers and the school. When your kids are old, they would have actually had strong ties with others in the old school.

Death, divorce or any other emotional trauma will affect the kids very badly. Adults can overcome emotional distress more easily, but children can't easily get away from the memories of passed and separated ones. You should postpone your moving idea if any such thing has happened in your family recently. However, it is not always possible because you may have to move essentially because of transfer or financial strain.

At this moment, you have prepared your children mentally that you are all going to move to a new location. It is high time to discuss it with your children.

Discussing the move

You have finally decided to move to a new location after analyzing its advantages and disadvantages. Even though you are an adult, you know that it is difficult to move from your present home. You can't expect your kids to quickly pack their things and make their move. They won't understand why they have to go to a new location and miss their friends. When you discuss your moving plans with them, they can at least get an idea about moving.

Your children will ask you many questions about your move. You have to get down to their level and answer them patiently. Answer their questions honestly and never underestimate the feelings and emotions of your kids.

Once you make your moving plans clear with your children, be ready for many more questions. But now, they will ask you about the new home and new school. Children will feel more relieved with the move when they can continue their education in the old school. This is possible if you make a local move. However, before promising this for your children, you have to enquire whether it is possible to let your children continue going to the same school even if you relocate. Children will have a positive attitude towards moving to a new home when they don't have to miss their friends.

Making your children feel that they are of importance to you is important for a smooth move. You can induce this feeling in them by involving them in various moving activities. If you haven't found a new home yet, take your kids to determine your new home. This will make them happy because kids will love you when you give importance to their suggestions and comments. Moreover, they will try to help you with the move understanding how complex the moving procedures are.

International moves are more difficult, but you must get information about the new school and other activities before moving in. If possible, take your children to the destination country so that they can visualize their new life there.

Children and their schooling

Moving from your existing home to a new home in a new location is a difficult task and it is more complicated when you have to move to a new country. A number of steps are involved in moving. You have to pack and move all your items using a reputed mover. You have to find a new home in your new location and take care of transferring utilities and taxes to the new location. For adults, moving causes distress because of the processes involved and for children, moving is scary because they have to go out of their comfort zone. Normally, your kids will get accustomed to the area in which they have lived for a few years. Now, you want them to create a comfort zone in a new location which could cause stress on them.

Only when you are able to move your children to the new location effortlessly, you can make your move smooth. If you ignore your children during the early stages of move, you will have to face problems along with them during the later stages. You have to help your children to accept that all of you are moving to the new location for the well being of everyone.

Age of the children

Children react differently during different agents. To plan children moving steps, you have to first consider the age and educational needs of your children. You have to plan your move differently for preschool, elementary, and teenage kids.

Among the various age groups, you have to concentrate on preschool kids. For them, their world is small with their own set of friends at school and in the neighbourhood. These small angels will get easily distressed during the move because they assume that they are ignored. You have to plan for your move and you will be busy in that process. It is those small kids that have to be given proper attention to make the big move.

Give gifts to your children

For children in the preschool and elementary age, you are more important. When they have to move to a new location, you are the only person they know. Even when you are heavily engaged by the relocation work, you should spend time with your kids. If you go out for the purpose of arranging for relocation, let your kids know about it. You should try to bring some gifts or tickets back to home for the children if the new location has something interesting for the kids. Take for example, you are moving to San Diego. You can prepare your kids by telling them about Sea World and giving them some toys purchased in San Diego.

Get your children involved in moving. Help them to pack their own personal items like toys and others. You can also let them decorate their packed boxes to add a personalized touch. Your little children will easily understand that they are moving to some place and by engaging them in packing and moving, you can keep them enthusiastic.

For elementary school aged children, everything goes according to their regular routine. They have to start to school at the same time and come back regularly at the same time. Their education pattern is also the same. They have the same days off every week and they will have the same activities at school. When you search for a new school in the new location, put yourself into the shoes of your children. Ensure that their education pattern remains the same. You should make sure that they don't have to change much to respond to the new location. When the new school also provides same activities, children can easily get accustomed to the new atmosphere. This will help them earn friends more quickly.

Help your children to get along

For school going children, there will be many friends in school. These kids will have their own sweet memories and priorities. You should help your kids to understand the new location better. No kid will be ready to stand out of the crowd. It is your responsibility to make the new location fulfilling for them. When you wander in the new town, take videos of popular places in the town. You can also visit a few places that local kids hang out. You can take your kids to those places to make new friends. Visiting a shopping mall with your children can be very helpful for them, as they can understand the fashion and trend in the new location. This will help them make friends much quicker.

Dealing with teenagers

Teenagers hate the concept of moving to a new location in the middle of teenage. This is because they have their own circle of friends in the old town. Some friendships may be several years old. They will be highly reluctant to move to a new location because understanding people in the neighbourhood and making new friends are not easy for them because they have already established their space in the old town. You can take teenage children along with you in the new town and let them explore on their own. There will definitely be some places to hang out exclusively for teenagers and if your kid is able to find it quickly, it will be better for him or her.

Even if you are not able to take your teenage kid with you, use the video camera trick. Capture some videos of the local teens and give the video to your kid. By watching the video, he or she can understand fashion tips, and other important teenage things that may be required to get along with them. By knowing the culture of other teenagers in the new area, your teenager may be slightly convinced to relocate. Your teenager will not be happy instantly in the new location because he has left all his friends and dear ones. Mingling with new friends will take time for a teenager especially when he knows nothing about the new locality.

Importance of school

If you think that the lives of your kids revolve around you, then you are wrong. Just like you spend most of your day in your office with your co-workers, your kids go to school and spend several hours with their friends. The school environment must be comfortable for them. Normally, children will become anxious when they have to move to a new school where they have to deal with new teachers and unknown classmates. Before even relocating, you can take your kids to the new school and let them explore it. This way, they don't have to feel embarrassed on the first day in the new school.

If you make your child get accustomed to the new surrounding, you can easily escape from their bugging demands. This is important if you relocate from a rural town to an urban locality. Your child definitely needs some time to explore the area and school. Give them some time to get around the school and understand where they have to learn, play, and enjoy. Let them spend time wandering around the school and understanding each room. After a few days in school, kids can easily get themselves placed in appropriate spots, but a little education about such things before school will greatly help them.

Don't emphasize on grades

As a parent, you may expect your kid to score high grades at school. But after relocation is over, you have to give some time for your kid to settle down. It will be difficult for the child to understand new school and make new friends. Socialization becomes the most important task for them in the new school. They may bring in bad grades during initial stages. But if you yell at them for lower grades, they may eventually fail in their socialization and bring poorer grades.

Just because you make everything available for them, you can't expect your kids to remain stress free. They will become anxious with the thought of relocating to the new location. You should handle it gently and give them their own space. If you also get nervous seeing the reluctant attitude of the children, moving process will become complicated. By doing homework about the new location for them, you can reduce their anxiety considerably.

Moving may affect your life insurance

Life insurance is a common type of insurance that gives some form of protection to your family. If you are the breadwinner for your family, the whole family will be dependent on you. In case of mishaps, your family will be protected with your life insurance. That is why it is also called life assurance. The person who you appoint as your beneficiary will receive a lump sum of money after your death. As long as you live until the period of life insurance, you have to pay premiums every month or once in three months depending on your insurance and insurance provider.

Normally, life insurance will pay out in cases of insured event. Insured event refers to your death which may be caused naturally or accidentally. The amount paid out at the end depends on the type of insurance policy and its benefits. Life insurance generally does not provide coverage for various illnesses. But, some conditions may be added to the policy if your health condition makes you very ill. Terminal or critical illness, temporary or permanent disabilities are certain conditions that can be quoted by you to utilize your life insurance pay out while you are alive. With your own money, you can take care of your long term needs.

Various clauses will be used to define insured event in the case of life insurance policy. Deaths caused by suicide, war, riots and others can't be claimed. Moreover, frauds to claim life insurance money will not be accepted.

Two types of life insurance are normally taken - permanent and temporary. Permanent or whole life insurance is the real life insurance that pays out only after the death of the insured person. This is called a pure insurance and only your beneficiaries can benefit from your life insurance. Temporary or tem life insurance provides insurance benefits for the insured person only for a specific period. This period is determined by the insurance provider as well as the consumer. It is assumed that death is highly unlikely during the specified time period. As term insurance involves fewer risks, the premium for term insurance is very low. The actual payout given by the insurance provider depends on a number of life insurance factors.

Money saving tips to save money during your move

Everyone knows the basic fact that relocating a home or office certainly costs a lot of money. If you are a millionaire, you won't mind spending a few thousand dollars to make a smooth transition. But, if you are just an average Joe who looks for every possibility to save money, then you have to pay close attention to your moving plan. With proper planning and understanding, you can save anything from a penny to a few hundred dollars when you relocate.

You have to change the way you look at things when you plan your move. Your washer is certainly a washer, but when it comes to moving, it is nothing but an item that has considerable weight. The more your goods weigh, the more you will have to pay. Understanding moving costs and doing some small changes to your move can save you money. You may have to ask a few questions to yourself and find inexpensive answers to save money. Sometimes, you may have to put in extra efforts to reduce the total cost. Hence, when you move, you should strike a balance between how hard you have to work and how much money you have to spend.

Pay less when it weighs less

Irrespective of your type of goods, everything is valued by means of its weight by movers. Packing goods with lesser weight involve less hassle and hence it costs less. Before even the moving company staff arrives at your home, you should start your own home preparation to make moving easy and cost effective. Instead of moving your old refrigerator, you can think about scraping it for money so that you don't have to move it. Later, you can buy a new one in your new location. This concept has to be used for every utility, the value of which is less than its moving cost. You might have lived in your home for many years. In that case, you should prepare for moving quite early so that you tag items properly to make packing easier. Try to reduce the weight of items that you want to move.

Finalizing moving date

Instead of you picking out moving date, you can ask the schedule of the mover. Most movers operate like airlines and when you accept to their convenient date, you may get discounts.

Understanding movers thoroughly

In your moving checklist, you must add more questions to ask the movers. Unless you ask them, you won't get favourable answers. Generally, movers make huge profits in many little things. If you are able to find out those, you can cut back your cost of moving. Sometimes discounts and offers remain untold and when you ask about them, you may be offered. Ask your movers about the charge for packing. It will save you money when you buy packing materials on your own. Before signing the contract, ask for special discounts. Some movers will offer discounts when you move during week days. These discounts and offers can save you considerable amount of money.

Do it yourself

To save money, find out the moving activities that you can do on your own. If you pack on your own, you can save packing costs. You can also put in efforts to move certain items. Bulky and heavy goods can be carried along with you when you hire a small truck separately. However, this may cost you more money in terms of gas for the truck if you are moving to a new state. Instead, make use of a trailer that can be attached to your car to make the move. You have to take your car anyway and the trailer will help you carry bulky goods easily. When you do these tasks yourself, you can save considerable amount of money. However, this is not possible when you have planned your move urgently.


After several weeks of planning and organizing, you have finally made your move. The next big task in front of you is unpacking. If you think that unpacking is just a simple task, you are wrong. The job of your movers will be complete once they deliver your packed items to your new home. Now, your own moving process begins. You must take proper care of unpacking, otherwise, you may need self storage and invest in self storage insurance. Without furniture, empty houses look big. Then, you may find the space to be cramped after unpacking.

Dealing with packed boxes

You can save time in unpacking if you have marked the boxes earlier. Loading the boxes will generally be out of your control. However, you can stay with the loading staff and ask them to load those boxes that are needed first while unpacking. This may work at times and during most of the times, you have to search for one box after another to unpack. Mostly, bed frames will be placed near the doors of the truck while mattress will be placed at the other end. Knowing where the boxes are loaded in the truck will greatly help you while unpacking.

Prioritize unpacking

The movers will help you to place the packed boxes in your new home. You have to stay with them and prioritize the boxes. Let them place boxes in their appropriate rooms so that you can easily unpack and organize the goods in the boxes. In case of piano moving, it is better to tell the movers where to place the piano. By placing unpacking priorities, you don't have to move the boxes from one place to another frequently in your new home.

This way, when you work with the movers to unpack the boxes, you can make your kitchen ready with appropriate utensils needed to cook the first meal. You can also arrange the bed room with sheets and linen to spend your first night. Overflow of goods in new home during the unpacking process is very common. Keep the extra items away from bedroom so that you have at least one free room in the new home to spend some time together with your family.


When things are ready for unpacking, you may think that you can instantly start organizing your new home. Just now you have completed the hard task of moving and it is time to get some rest. As the job of the movers is over after unloading, you can take your own time to unpack everything in your new home. Some people unpack deck furniture at last, but it may be wise to do it first. If you have a number of items to unpack, you may think about placing an order for your food instead of cooking. If you have deck in place, you can relax and have your meal out enjoying the weather.

Saving tax during interstate move

When you are relocating for official purpose, you can save money on tax. Tax deductibles are offered for employees and they can be deducted from the gross income when you submit income tax return. However, this is not applicable when your employer reimburses your moving cost.

To get tax deductibles, you have to meet two conditions. One condition is based on the distance of your move and the other one is based on the number of hours you work. You must have moved at least 50 miles away from your original location. In addition to that, you must have worked fulltime, for 39 of 52 weeks in the succeeding year of your move if you are employed or you must have worked for 39 of 52 weeks and 78 of 104 weeks after your move. If you meet the above two conditions, then you can avail tax deductions while submitting tax return.

The following apply for tax deductibles:
  1. Total travelling cost of you and your family are tax deductible.
  2. Total moving cost involved in moving all your household items are tax deductible.
  3. If you travel in your own car while moving to the new location, you can get tax deductibles for the gas used or you can get a specific amount deductible for each mile covered in your car.
  4. Tolls and other parking fees involved while moving to the new location are also tax deductible.
  5. Car insurance, maintenance, and repair costs are not tax deductible.
  6. Additional moving expenses involved in finding new home, improvements in new home, meals, selling or buying or any other expense not incurred during actual move are not tax deductible.

Changing your address when you move

Postal service promptly delivers mails and those mails can receive you only if you provide the correct address. It is your responsibility to maintain database accuracy by providing the correct address. If you relocate and change your address, you have to indicate it to the postal service so that all mails are posted to your new address.

If you live in US, but not a citizen of US, you have to submit form AR11 when you change your address. This form must be submitted within 10 days of moving. You can submit this form online or fill in the papers in person. Filling and submitting the form is so simple that it will take only a few minutes.

You can use two methods to make changes to the address. You can either use address change service (ACS) or business entity identifier (BEI). If you use ACS, there must be a valid domestic return address.

ACS ensures secure and reliable service and customers prefer ACS service. Using ACS, details can be stored on computers. This can be useful to minimize manual errors, but human errors can't be eliminated completely.

Postal service must be updated with your new address. Once your application for address change is submitted to the postal service, you will be provided with a participation code. In the case of ACS, a customer is uniquely identified by the participant code. Your address change will be notified to the postal service. Sometimes, your old address and name information in change of address notification don't match with mailer address files. To locate the customer, a complex logic is used by the postal service for name and address matching. Here, ACS key line is the key. Each customer is uniquely identified by ACS key line participation code.

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