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When you are moving within the same city or state, usually within a 100 mile radius, the move is said to be a local move. The price of the moving services depends on various factors like the number of movers needed, the time required to move, the distance from current location to new location, truck parking distance from home, packing and unpacking of your belongings, number of boxes to be moved, furniture placement etc.

Moving companies offer a service of providing a non-binding estimate. Moving companies send their estimator to your home. You are required to provide the item list to the estimator, who will then offer you a flat rate price for your move. You are required to properly check that the list contains all the items to be moved. The items you've missed out in the list require an extra charge once the list is signed.

You can very well control the expenses of moving by doing a few things on your own. For example, you can pack your belongings on your own and keep them ready to be moved. Such things do reduce the moving price to some extent thereby making your move cheaper.

To estimate your moving price with up to 6 different moving companies, please fill out our online form and we will get back to you with the estimates.

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