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When you are moving to a new location, you may sometimes require your household goods to be stored temporarily until you can find a new home. You can do this by using the storage facilities offered.

Most of the movers offer a storage facility for all the goods you would wish to store until you find a new home. All the items you put into storage are listed on an inventory and you will be issued a warehouse receipt. In case you require some items before the others, then it is recommended that you create separate inventories for such items. You will be required to pay a monthly storage bill.

The movers will keep all your items until you wish to get them delivered. The liability of the mover remains the same and the mover's storage is regulated until the delivery is accepted.

You have another option of self storage. It offers a safe, secure and clean environment to store goods. Here you are allowed to access your stored goods any time. They are accessible 24/7. But the problem with self storage is that it is not regulated and you will have to make your own arrangements for such type of storage. Self storage is not recommended unless you need to access your belongings regularly.

Storage units have onsite security, pest control and climate control options. Do inform the mover about the time restrictions of storage facility, floor on which it is located etc. This information is necessary as some of the units are not accessible by tractor-trailer. These delays in turn, will increase the cost of your move.

You must also be present at the storage container until all the formalities are done and the movers have completed signing for the services and the unit is to be locked. Movers are not responsible for such type of storage once your goods are delivered

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