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Self Storage Facility Tips

Packing of items is not that easy task as we all think. Individual has to carry out proper planning so that more items can be packed in limited available space. In this article we will be discussing some of important tips that will help reader in utilization of available space to cater all the needs.

First of all choose right self-storage unit that will provide all necessary facilities. Always give a thought on how to pack so that it is easy to approach and access the store. It is better to carry out survey in some of the storage rental so that you will have some idea about working of the unit. Following points are to be revised before finalizing any self-storage unit:
  • There should be sufficient security facilities with self-storage unit.
  • Check out weather the unit fulfills all your requirements taking future possibilities into account.
  • In case you want to store valuable items then look out for concealing walls so that you get complete privacy in operating store.
  • In case you want to opt for climate control facilities in self-storage unit then find out proper working of equipments so that all valuable documents are preserved in proper way. Archiving of documents should be easy and should be protected in proper atmospheric conditions.
  • Self-storage unit and surroundings should be clean and should have professional approach.
  • Selected unit should be free from insects and rodents so that all your goods are protected. Spraying is done on regular basis to safeguard items from vermin.
  • In case you want to store large quantity of goods, see that there is a sufficient space available for safe access of removal vehicle.
  • Most of the self-storage units provide packing services but you have to pay for that. In this case self-packing is the best way so that you can operate your store yourself when ever in emergency and you doing have to take help from the unit staff.
  • Prepare an inventory of items before storing and number the items in logical fashion so that it becomes in finding out required items in shortest possible time. This also avoids taking out all the items.
  • You should prepare a list of estimated value of the stored items so that it becomes easy insurance agencies and you get maximum benefit in case of any damage or natural calamities.
  • Purchase best quality store racks and boxes. Try to buy similar size boxes so that it becomes while stacking and you will save lot of space.
  • Cover all items properly so that they are protected from dust and humidity. Do not load many items into the box so that they are easy while shifting. Before closing box cover the items with special packing materials.
  • Marking on storage boxes should be in logical format and should match inventory. Delicate items should be marked with "fragile" items in bold letters.
  • Avoid packing items in plastic bags they may cause humid atmosphere and spoil the items. Even wet items should be avoided in self-storage.
  • Before storing washing machines and refrigerators clean them thoroughly and fasten the doors properly while moving such items in transportation.
  • Fragile items should be packed properly in bubble papers to not keep any load on them.
  • Arrange for wardrobe for clothing so that they maintain their shape. Avoid bin liners for storing clothing.
  • Do not keep mirrors and photo frames flat and wrap them in protective bubble papers.
  • Cover all the sofas, mattresses and furniture with suitable protective clothing so that they are protected from dust. Keep all these items above ground level.
  • Store all bolts and nuts separately in plastic bags so that they can be retrieved quickly.
  • Keep large size furniture vertical to save space in self-storage.
  • All wooden furniture should be sprayed with quality anti termite spray for protection.
  • Electronic and electrical accessories should be packed in their original casing to avoid free movements.
  • Do not store any inflammable items such as cars, lanterns and lamps. Drain complete fuel before placing them in self-storage unit.
  • Apply oil on all metals objects before keeping them in store to avoid rusting.
  • Vacuum cleaner bags should be emptied before storing.
  • Leather items should be treated with quality conditioners before storing.
  • Use furniture drawers for keeping loose items that can save extra space for you.
  • Store heavy and large items at the back and place heavy boxes at bottom.
  • Keep all the items that are frequently required in front.
Plan and organize your items before keeping them in store this will enable you to acquire less space so that you can save money. Properly packed unit will cost less when compared to public storage. This will also help you finding out required items quickly and efficiently.

:: Contacts, Legal, Disclaimer and Copyright ::


In case of any difficulties or advices regarding self-storage people are requested to contact on storage forum

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:: Self Storage Packing Supplies ::

In case of self-storage packing supplies it is wise to invest definite amount on special packing supplies. Even if you have storage boxes but they won't last for longer duration might get damaged while loading and unloading. These damaged boxes may lead you in deep troubles and will cost you more amounts if proper care is not taken. Normally, all self-storage units have packing supplies shop adjacent to the unit and provide packing materials at reasonable rate. All these packing items are of accurate size and fit correctly to your need and it is always better to invest some amount on this materials. Specific size boxes that can hold papers or books and are easy to carry are also available in these shops. Various other packing supplies such as bubble paper, marker pens, knife, and different types packing tapes, waterproof sheets and steel strips are also sold by these shops.

All these items are very handy while packing your valuable goods.

There are some packing supplies that can be taken on rent basis such as racks, dust-protecting papers, covers for furniture and even boxes. The self-storing unit charge very marginal amount as a rent for these items. These shops provide heavy discount if you buy complete set.

:: Self Storage Contract. ::

Contract is the main document while dealing with self-storage facility and one has to pay more attention before signing document. Read each and every line carefully and understand their meaning so that you are safe further controversies. You should be well versed with all legal matters that are written in contract. Place a request for a sample contract copy from self-storage providers so that you can read it during your leisure time. This will help you to choose suitable storage and you will safe from unforced errors during later stage.

Some of the important points that are to be taken notice of, while opting for self-storage facility are listed below:

General Contract Agreements

This is agreement between provider and customer; it states that all care will be taken for your goods. Further the contract also states that if you miss a payment then your unit will be closed without any notice and items will be auctioned. So before signing all these points are to be clarified. You should also check for employee access and they should operate your unit unless otherwise you authorize them to do that except in case of emergency. Some contracts also permit their staff to shift to your unit to another storage unit in case of emergency it is fine but unnecessary they are not supposed to do that.

Free Equipment and Vehicle Use

This is another important statement written in contract but if read small print at bottom it will be for certain time only. This statement should be taken care whenever you use their vehicles during shifting of item. In some case you have to deposit some amount for using trucks and trolleys and that will be refunded if you return vehicles in time other wise some amount will taken by self-storage providers. Secondly you may have to pay for the specialist drivers. In case you require vehicles for longer duration then check out other options that will benefit you.


Some of the self-storage operators will not force you to have insurance but some do.

In this regards some contract states that some of your rights will reduce in case of natural calamities and accidents. There are some agencies that insist to opt for their insurance services. You should check for rates and the policies so that it suits your budget plan. You should opt for such insurance that covers all the facilities and should suit for industry standard.

Additional Costs

Additional costs column in self-storage company contract should be read carefully because these are the charges that you must have not calculated in your budget. This includes cost of packing materials, locks, polythene sheets and various other materials. These materials will cost you more compared to local markets. Even some companies will charge for vehicle parking. Even materials like marker pen, cello tapes, packing etc are not free; so these points are to be noted down before signing contract.

Labor Charges

In some of self-storage companies free labors are provided to help loading and unloading of items and in case this is not mentioned in contract then customer has pay for their services. This is to be checked before opting for their services and also about actual cost they charge.


All self-storage companies normally ask for deposit before storing items and if special offer is on then you have pay later on. This deposit is refundable and that should be written in contract.

Rental Terms

In case you are paying all rents and insurance charges regularly then you are supposed to get refund for unused period in case you terminate contract. All this factors are to be seen before signing the contract. Minimum rental period along with maximum period should be mentioned in contract so that you can get refund.

Notice Periods

The notice period should be of more than ten days because in this case you have to send notice for vacating unit in ten days. In case it is more then, you will not able to plan for your business. So this factor is to be mentioned in the contract.