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Self Storage

Self-storage is a method of arranging various items in orderly manner so that they are easy in accessing. In olden days prior arrangements were made in storehouse to store various items. This traditional way caused various difficulties such as availability of space, prior warnings and it was tedious job to search the required item.

But self-storage is entirely a different and well-planed method to regroup items. This system involves own arrangements of items as per individuals' choice so that they can be retrieved easily as and when required. In recent days various self-storage companies have emerged but all these companies do not follow any standard protocol and it depends on company owner to arrange the storage. Thus it is very important to take correct decision before approaching for any perspective.

One of the major approaches in facing self-storage is logistical approach and that is initial placement of the items or the goods. But due to latest developments of mobile system of self-storage it is responsibility of the moving company to pack entire goods and to shift them to central store. In this case individual is free from all worries but you have pay surplus amount to self-storage companies for their service.

Most of the self-storage facilities are made in such a way that you can directly drive and unload the items to pre-finalized store. At the same time the goods should not be too heavy so that it becomes very difficult to unload. In case of four wheelers the company may unload your car in vehicle storage away from your residential place and for this parking fee is charged from the car owner.

Most of these self-storage places are purposely constructed on ground level so that it becomes easy to load and unload goods. Even multi storied self-storage units are also available where storage space is less but in this elevator facility is needed to shift the goods from vehicle to storage unit. Now days most of the self storage companies provide required help to place your items at required location but it is not free of cost and individual has to pay for that. There are some companies that provide full fee based storage facilities in which your goods are packed at home and taken to storage unit for repacking. To improve business some storage companies also provides vans free of cost for shifting the items and in case of any damage self-storage companies are responsible for it. Along with these vans or trucks you can use handcarts and trolleys to shift heavy goods and normally these services are free of charge.

In case you have stored all your goods at storage unit and needs to replace them or remove any of the items then you have to choose certain fixed time to do that. Because

Before making a deal with storage companies you have ascertain their working timings but most of the self-storage companies work round the clock for the benefit of customers and they may help you in your difficulties.

As per rules you are only the person should access the unit and that case all the keys or the secret code numbers of the lock should be in your safe custody. In case you want that another person in your absence should operate the unit then in that case you can share the keys or the codes numbers with the responsible person. But this is to in concurrence with the owner of the self-storage. Most of he companies do not allow their employees to approach towards your unit but in case of emergencies and defaulters the storage or moving company can operate your unit and that too legally in presence of third party.

:: Mobile Self Storage ::

Mobile self-storage or moving storage is another way of storing goods that enables individual to have a link between traditional way of storage and self-storage. This helps in transporting your required items to store and arranging them properly in self-storage. Mobile self-storage adopts the principles of drop and collects method. Once if you opt for such services a transport facility is provided to you for your business goods and all the items are packed into the transport. Then you have to secure the transporting container with suitable locking devices. This container is placed in storage shed and will be provided with warehousing facility. You can access it as and when you require or can be moved to any location of business.

There is another option available in which your goods are unloaded to required place and for that you have to intimate the company to do that well in advance. This method saves your cost of hiring transport.

Before you opt for this type of mobile self-storage units consider following points that will help you in saving unnecessary expenditure and at the same time will help you in carrying out proper business.
  • Most of the times this method is very difficult and requires proper planning.
  • Opt for those self-storage companies that provide frequent access as and when you require.
  • Have a prior appointment to get your goods placed at required position. This will help you in carrying out planned business.
  • Go through all the rules of mobile self-storage unit so that you can avoid undue incidences in accessing.
  • Remember that you may have to pay all the labor charges for packing/unpacking of goods. This can be cleared before opting services of moving storage.
  • Carry out better deal and negotiation before taking services so that it will reduce your excess expenditure.

:: Recreational Vehicle and Boat Self Storage ::

A self-storage unit not only provides alternatives for storing important goods but also saves your money. It is also considered as safest method to store recreational vehicles, boat storage and various other standard vehicles that are used in transporting goods. Most of the well-known self-storage companies have facilities of extra space to keep all recreational vehicles so that it becomes easy to access goods in shortest possible time. These large-scale companies have different types of recreational vehicles such as trailers, motor homes, boats, cars, two wheelers and caravans. But most of companies cannot afford to have a space to park RVs and boats .In some countries government rules and regulations also prohibits them from keeping such RVs and boats.

Here are some of the advantages of recreational vehicles and boats that will enable a businessman to hire services of such self-storage units.
  • These are the perfect solution for mobile self-storage and keeping all goods safe when not in use.
  • This vehicle storage protects goods from atmospheric conditions.
  • Another advantage is of accessing your goods whenever required as per will and wish.
  • Some of such units provide facilities of protective bays that will safeguard your goods from theft cases and humidity.
  • In case of extensive vehicles /boat storage will help you in placement of goods as per categories and that will prove very useful in sorting out goods.
  • Even refilling facilities, repair, dump facilities and cleaning bays are also provided by self-storage units that will help you in maintenance of valuable goods.
Before opting for such self-storage units keep in mind that each facility costs extra amount and that has to be borne by the businessman. So carry out surveys and opt for those services that fit your business perfectly thus you save lot of amount and can improve your business.

:: Self Storage Environmente ::

Environmental conditions play an important role in storage of goods and in this situation self-storage helps in overcoming these situations. There are various facilities available with self-storage units to deal with environmental situations and these facilities are listed below:
  • Most of the units provide various sizes of storage boxes to store and secure the items.
  • Some self-storage units also cater for space to recreational vehicles, motor homes and boats where business goods can be stored and protected from irregular environmental conditions.
  • Well established self-storage units have their own garages to park vehicles along with proper separated halls for storing separate goods as part of their service.
  • Most of the units for heavy goods normally ground floor buildings are preferred and in case of limited space multistory buildings are constructed. In this case units provide lift facilities.
All these facilities are mostly not available with all units so while selecting self storage companies storage units these factors are to be considered so that accessing of goods becomes easy. As per need of storage one has to opt for self-storage units.

While selecting any self-storage unit following factors are to be observed so that your items are stored in hygienic conditions and there is minimum wastage.
  • Self-storage Company should always maintain clean and dry environment in their unit.
  • All security measures are to be followed by self-storage Company.
  • Roofs of the units should not leak during rainy season.
  • Self-storage units should be free from rats and rodents.
  • Before placing goods see that floors are properly cleaned and all the measures to protect goods are followed.
  • In case you are not satisfied with environmental conditions of the unit please do not for their services.
  • All units should adopt the standard laid down procedures as stated by the government.
  • Location of self-storage unit should be near to your office so that it becomes easy in accessing the goods and will cost less.
In case of humid atmosphere all your business documents should be stored in climate control units so that it will help in easy archiving. Some of the units provides climate control storage facilities and dust free environment but in others you have to specify your requirements to the units. These climate control units provide heaters or coolers to optimum levels to safeguard goods. Even though these facilities are bit costly but helps in long run to protect your valuable stored goods.

Self-storage units should follow various pest control measures and in that case individual always insist the provider to carry regular spraying of vermin bait to get rid of insects.

Before placing goods in self-storage have a look in store so that you can have better idea of that unit and in case you find environmental conditions are up to the satisfied level then either you change the unit or ask the company to provide necessary facilities. For better environmental protection of goods you should also help the company by placing mothballs in boxes to safeguard clothing items. Secondly do not allow children to enter in self-storage units become that my be fatal or may cause injuries to them.

:: Self Storage Van Rental ::

Most of the self-storage units provide facilities of free vehicles such as cars, trailers and trucks to shift your goods to storage site. This facility enables you to get your business moving fast and to get you maximum profit. To avail moving storage facilities you have deposit certain amount to self-storage companies and that is refunded after you vacate the store.

In case if you take more time than pre set time for loading or unloading items then you are liable to pay extra van charges as per mileage and extra time consumed. These charges are very heavy so it is always better to consult the companies before you opt for their services in case of van rental.

In case free removal vehicle storage facility is not available with self-storage units then in this condition units may rent trucks or vans or trailers to you. Rental rates of these vehicles are as per will and wish of the units and sometimes they might provide you discount on these vehicles. Thus it is advised to get all the details before you hire such vehicles from companies. Some of self-storage purposely does not provide such facilities to customers and in turn they have links with local vehicle hire dealers thus through this way the units are benefited. Sometimes these units negotiate between customer and local vehicle dealers to get you discount and this is one of the better options for the customers.

Next difficulty that is faced by the customer is of driving the vehicle and loading/unloading of the goods but most of self-storage units provide these services free but all these factors are to be cleared before hiring a rental van because these charges varies from moving company to company.

:: What is Self Storage? ::

Self-storage is a place where one can rent a space and store his personal items or business goods or important documents for weeks, months or for years. Comparing to other methods self-storage is very cheap and provides all necessary facilities to customers.

Self-storage is a solution for household storage and business storage that can be accessed by individual as and when required.

Earlier businessmen were more depended on traditional methods and large storage that had lot of disadvantages such as very high charges, limited facilities, unsuitable rules and extended contracts. But after introduction of self-storage units it has become easy to rent a space with various facilities and easy access of items.

These self-storage units cater for all the requirements of business and also for personal items. One can store any thing here let it be a small important document or a boat. As per requirement individual can hire a space and access as per needs. These self-storage space varies in size as needs may be and renting charges varies accordingly.

When compared to traditional storage methods, self-storage space permits you to operate store as per prescribed timing of the unit without extra cost. Even one can increase or decrease size of the storage space as per your need and your items wont be placed anywhere by the unit without your prior permission. It is the responsibility of individual to arrange his items in provided space. This enables individual to place his items the way he feels so that it can be accessed easily in future. Unit provides even packing materials or supplies at reasonable rates to make storing process simple and convenient.

Normally self-storage provider demands for deposits and agreements can be terminated in short notice but you will get your refund. In most of the units individual has to pay rental charges in advance.

Self-storage is most convenient and secured way of storing items. Individual normally accesses these storage rental spaces only but in special case you can appoint or nominate another person to operate store in your absence. You have to provide your own padlocks for extra security additional to various security measures provided by self-storage providers. All units provide security guards, alarm systems and close circuit televisions.

Along with above facilities office space, logistic services, administrative assistance, meeting halls and rest rooms are provided.

:: Self Storage Removals ::

The entire process of self-storage works on DIY removal methods that means individual is responsible for bringing the items to store and unpacking them. Of course this principle seems to be easy if items are less but in case of more quantity it becomes very difficult.

In this regard self-storage removals become very handy. Self-storage units at additional charge render these facilities for the needy customers.

Another option for removal of storage is mobile storage and this facility is used when an individual is unable to remove his stored items in stipulated time or unable to withstand removal process in case of large storage. This is a latest development in self-storage industry, which provides containers and arranges for packing of items to leave them at required storage place. This facility varies from unit to unit and also the cost of packing and removal vans. Some of the operators cater for complete removals services and they carry out complete process of removal. In most cases you have to pay for this removal services but these services are comparatively cheaper than the standard removal agencies.

Removal of storage items are carried out by specialist team and all safety measured are followed while packing and transporting the items.

In case if a particular unit does not offer removal services then they will guide you to another public storage and in this regard you may get some discount. Before opting for local removals check out for parking facilities near to the store so that it will cost you less and time taken also will be comparatively less. If you are opting for DIY system (that is self removal process) then self-storage companies may offer you with containers or trucks free of cost for certain period or else at reasonable rates. Take help of trolleys and small tractors to carry your small size items from storage space to vehicle or vise versa. In case of large size archives you should take help from forklifts and from specialist drivers. But you have to pay for their services unless it is written in agreement or part of self-storage package.

:: Self Storage Restrictions ::

The self-storage is place where you can store various but still there are some legal restrictions for some items that you cannot keep in self-storage. As far as, a self-storage unit accepts all the items to boost up their marketing strategies. But terms and conditions varies from unit to unit, thus it depends on particular unit, which items to accept. Before opting for any self-storage space for any special enquire about the about the restrictions and then proceed forward. The main aim of this article is to bring forward all those items to notice of reader so that he is alert while choosing storage space. The list of restricted items is as follows:
  • All pet animals are restricted from keeping them in self-storage. This is legally unauthorized to keep store animals in such units and it might lead to prosecution of owner. Even animal products are not authorized to keep in such stores as they attract vermin.
  • Illegal items such as stolen goods.
  • Perishable food items as they spoil with in short time and attract vermin. These items also cause unpleasant odor.
  • Inflammable materials such as gas, fuel and crackers as they pose danger to fire hazards.
  • In case firearms such as pistols and rifles are restricted in some self-storage units and some do accept it but owner has to choose such facility store to safeguard them.
  • Aerosols are also restricted in storage as they might burst at any time and may lead to dangerous situation.
  • Even sprays and fragrances are restricted in some of the stores.
  • Jewelries and precious metals are not allowed in some store, in case allowed then you have to show legal proof of insurance.
  • You are authorized to store living things including plants in self-storage.
  • Hazardous, toxic materials and dangerous chemicals are restricted from storing.