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Self Storage Cost

Cost of the rental self-storages varies from company to company and this cost increases as per area of the store that you want to hire. Now days various self-storage companies are emerging in all most all areas thus the hiring rates are also becoming competitive. Due to this the companies are providing heavy discounts and various free offers. Most of these companies are taking deposit for the rented space. You should always remember that this amount should be refunded whenever you vacate the store and sometimes you have to lose some amount if you don't vacate the store as per stated conditions. The rental cost includes electricity bills, monthly rates, primary environmental conditions, insurance and security related cost. In case you have unusual needs then you have to pay extra amount for such services. Some examples of unusual needs are listed below:

Environmental control

In case you want that goods and documents should be free from humidity and needs an environmental control facility then you may pay extra amount for these services and facilities.

Security devices

In case you are require extra security for your goods such strong rooms with padlocks and the company provides these facilities then you are supposed to pay for these services.


Most of the self-storage companies have basic insurance coverage and in case you want additional insurance coverage for your goods then you have pay for that facility before renting the store.


Even though most of the companies provide free rental vans but they have certain time limit for loading/unloading. In case you avail more time than limit then you have to pay for the van driver as well as to labors that are loading and unloading the items. Along with that you are liable to pay for extra time and mileage.

Here are various ways to pay to these self-storage facilities such as credit cards, cash payments, debit cards, pre payment facilities and direct debit facilities. Out of these facilities the companies prefer direct debit facilities so that they are sure of getting the charges in time from customers.

Self Storage Special Offers

Now days there are various self-storage industries are spreading their roots all over the world. Each storage unit is trying to establish themselves in the market thus they are providing various attractive schemes and offers to attract maximum customers. Due to this competition individual is advised to shop around for some time and choose best offer that is available in the market that will save you with lot of amount.

All most all the units have similar rates along with facilities but one has to select such a unit that provides attractive offer. Even you can bargain for offers if you are not being provided. These offers differ from storage to storage and need not be through the year.

Here is a list such common offers that will enable reader to understand the scope of varies offers:
  • In case you are opting for long-term storage then you may be provided with discount on rental rates for the duration of your stay.
  • In case you are paying amount in advance you may get certain percentage of discount on total rent or even negotiate rates also.
  • Some self-storage units provide discounts in case you book store from online sources. Some website also offer discount coupons that can be collected and shown to the storage providers while renting store.
  • There are some rental offers if you take more than one store such as one free for two.
  • Down payment offer help individual to pay minimum amount while booking a store.
  • Self-storage providers also provide free insurance facilities as an offer for attracting customers. Normally this offer is for four weeks but better to look for hidden charges and then opt for this offer otherwise you may land up in paying more premiums.
  • Most of the companies provides free equipment offer. In this you can use their trailers or truck while removal or replacing items. This will save your money but go through contract properly because these offers are meant for limited period only.
  • If your friend has referred you, to particular self-storage company then you may get discount on total rent. This is known as referral offer.
  • Some companies provide concessionary discount for students and for senior citizens.
  • In case you are businessman you may get manpower offer free. In this case all help will be provided to you while loading and placing items in store.
  • Some companies run their removal services and also provides discount for packing/unpacking and for transportation purpose along with packaging offer.