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Self Storage Insurance

Self-storage insurance of goods is primary requirement and do not be under false impression that self-storage units will insure your goods. Only few companies insure stored items but that cost is charged in rental bills which you will be paying to them. Some self-storage company's covers basic insurance and that is based on size of the stored that you have hired. But this insurance amount is much less than actual value of the items. So it is better to check all the insurance options before opting for self-storage unit.

It is your first and primary duty to contact suitable insurance company and clarify all your doubts with them so that all your items are covered under insurance policy. These policies may cost you extra amount but you will be tension free for next few years. Do not opt for separate insurance policies that will be bit costly compared to single policy. In most of the self-storage units you have to provide proof for your insurance policies before renting a space in self-storage.

Now days most of the storage and moving companies provide help in insurance and have their own policies. In such cases self-storage providers insist to take policies from them before renting space.

You have to submit complete inventory of items along with original values to units and in turn all suitable policies will be explained to you as per your needs. Some of self-storage units also recommend industry standard insurances that are suitable for self-storage at reasonable rates. Important point to be noted that insurance needs to be amended when ever you remove or add item to self-storage so try get all the details from insurance provider before you opt for any policy.

Some self-storage unit don't ask for any insurance cover but it is must to insure all your goods before placing them in self-storage that will save you in case of fire, natural calamities and theft cases. Thus do not neglect insurance policies and be free from all worries.

:: Self Storage Security ::

Security plays an important role in case of self-storage units and off course your valuables are more secured when compared to household storage. All these units provide various means of safeguarding the store. Security measures vary from unit to unit and it is you to decide to opt for the unit to store your goods and valuables. After all it depends on value of the items you are storing .In case your items are of immense and are of sentimental value then better to opt for state of art system and in this regard you have to pay extra cost to the unit.

Before opting for any self-storage it is advisable to visit the unit and see yourself about the security measures followed by the unit. Checking for close circuit TVs and parameters fencing will provide you good deal of idea about security measures. Initially you are supposed to secure your items by locking your goods. Here is list of security equipments that you should look for before opting for any of self-storage Company.
  • Visitors check in /check out register should be available at entrances and all entries should be legible. Unauthorized customers are not to be allowed to enter unit premises.
  • General alarm monitoring system is to be connected with local police station. Infrared alarms also help in alerting security guards in case unit is kept for longer duration.
  • Fire and smoke alarms should be available in self-storage unit that you interested in.
  • Provision of smart cards and swipe cards are to be provided to all authorized customers.
  • Round the clock monitoring of CCTV camera is to be carried out by specific self-storage unit.
  • Residential manager and private security system should be available round the clock to snap check security guards on duty.
  • Fencing lighting system is to be adopted by the unit along with internal lighting.
  • Barbered perimeter fencing along with electrical monitoring system is another idea to secure the unit. A concrete wall is another good solution for the standard fencing.
  • Patrolling around the parameters is to be carried out by security guards.