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International Auto Transport

It may appear that shipping your car or vehicle internationally is a difficult and daunting task. In reality, there are several people and organizations available to help. Some of the more common questions include:

Q: Will I need to pay customs when I ship my car overseas?

A: Most moving companies will have clearing agents and customs brokers following your car as it makes its way abroad. These agents and brokers are located at both ends of the transit.

Q: Will my car be insured?

A: Maritime law dictates that a car shipping company must provide $500 of insurance per vehicle. This dictates that it would be wise to buy some of your own insurance for your car as well as personal belongings that may be inside the container. If you choose you may purchase insurance for just the vehicle in case of a total loss.

Q: Will there be charges levied at exit and entry points to/from the country?

A: Yes. Each country has its own taxes and levies in place. You should check with your shipping company for a list of charges.

Q: How much gas should be left in the cars gas tank?

A: One quarter tank.

Q: How will my car be shipped?

A: There are several options when deciding which method of shipping is best. You may choose to have the car containerized or you may opt for a roll-on and roll-off method. Each method has advantages and disadvantages and should be discussed with your shipping company.

Q: Will a terminal be necessary?

A: In most instances a terminal will not be necessary. If, however, there access issues involved in pick-up or delivery of your vehicle a local terminal operation may be needed.

Q: What forms of payment can I use for the international shipping of my car?

A: Car Shippers will accept just about anything for a deposit when shipping your car overseas. Upon delivery, however, they will only accept cash or a cashier’s check. Other arrangements are possible if made in advance.

Oddly enough, the shipping of a car internationally is quite a bit easier than shipping a car domestically. There may be a few more people involved in shipping a car internationally but it is done so regularly that it has become a matter of course for shippers.

Domestic shipping of a car exposes the car to many differing threats that the driver of the car carrier may or may not have any control over. In the shipping of a car internationally the car is really only exposed when it is being transported on land. And then, only when it is trying to be delivered to your destinations door. In general, this occurs because most people are moving more than just their car at that time and choose a container for transport, thus protecting the car from exposure along with the other items.

A roll-on and roll off method is an option, although there are many negative impacts that can arise. Losing contact of your car in an exposed circumstance between boarders is never a good idea so making sure that you have a solid provider to lessen unexpected events is the best possible advice. Pay a little more for peace of mind and your car at its final destination.