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Moving Timetable - After Moving

After the actual moving is done, the major attention should be on familiarizing oneself with the new environment:
  • Important institutions should be identified, as they might be useful in case of any emergency especially during the initial periods. The important ones are listed here:
    • Police station
    • Fire station
    • Hospitals and clinics
    • Gas stations
    • Neighborhood shopping areas from which you may need to buy some household items etc
    • Schools/colleges
    • Libraries
    • Community activities etc
  • Contacts should be maintained with the following so as to ensure better services at the new home - like the day the garbage is collected and the type of recycling programs that are used.
  • Find out about service providers such as banks, dry cleaners, cable television etc if the same has not been done till now
  • The local DMV should be contacted in case you have shifted to a different state in order to change your driver's license and register your vehicle according to the new state rules.
  • Medical Records: The doctor/dentist near the new home should be provided with your medical history so as to ensure better feedback from them
  • Insurance: In case of insurance policies being administered by an agent in the old locality, the same needs to be transferred your new agent. During the transfer you can also list out the value of your assets and the coverage period of the insurance for future use.
  • Since the locality has changed, you will have to take up new library cards.
  • Voter Registration should be done in the new location or the old one verified as valid.
  • Documents related to the packing and moving should be kept and filed in a safe place.
Once everything has been taken care of, relax and enjoy your new home!