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Dollar for dollar painting is the least expensive form of decorating your new home you can get. If the colors work for you there is a quick and easy project completed. If you end up not liking the color it is easily changed. Best of all, if you make a mistake it is easily painted over and not seen.

When you begin the process of painting preparatory work is the largest part of the job. Make sure that you have all the required tools. Drop cloths, ladders and alike should be ready to go so there is no stopping and starting because an item was forgotten. Sanding and priming where necessary is also an important step for a quality job.

The steps you take and the order in which you take them is also a very important tip. If you plan to stain or varnish the trim make sure to do this first so paint does not come in contact with bare wood. Next, go after the ceiling and walls. If there are areas where there could be a chance of the paint transferring, such as around windows or doors, take the extra time to tape off the area to make the process quicker and be less frustrating. If you are working with a latex based product it would be wise to keep a damp rag or sponge near by so that clean up can be done as a drip or spill happens. The longer you wait to clean up the mess the longer it will take and the more likely it will mark the area for good.

Marking the paint cans with an indelible marker after you have completed the job is a very good idea. Have a marker ready to go before you start the job. This is because you will likely forget about it or not want to mark the can after the job is finished. Put the paint color, date, brand and any identifying numbers on the paint can lid. Labels fall off so directly on the can is best.


The possibilities for a painted floor are almost limitless. Geometric shapes, wooden looks of all types and even portraits are fair game for floors. One of the best options for a painted floor is in the restoration of a wooden floor that has had a hard life but is in otherwise good condition. Painting does not need to be uniform and can vary according to the floors condition.

Today's paints are very much up to the task of decorative floor covering. The paints are very durable and if given a clear coat of poly will last as long as the structure around it. These types of floors are also advantageous because they can clean up fairly quickly. Even under extreme use. After your move, would you like a painted floor?

As one might imagine there is history in the wooden floor being painted. In the western United States artists would travel the west painting floors for a living. Oriental rugs were a popular form as were portraits of family or relevant locations such as a river or mountain they might use as a landmark.