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Increase your Home's Value

There are many avenues of thought that many people apply to what will increase your home's value in by investing a large amount of money and those that you can do inexpensively. Either way, you need to know both ways and what parts of your house to work on that will actually increase it's value.

Here are a few tips on how to do accomplish this very situation:
  1. The Yard: you can go wrong in sprucing up your back and front yards as people not only look at the interior of your home, but the exterior. Pick up items that belong in the trash and any yard waste you may have. This also means to cut down that overhanging tree branch that gives the impression of hitting the fence and possibly damaging it, or, that perhaps the tree has never been pruned or looked after. Get the weed trimmer out and edge your lawn and get into small crevices that the lawnmower just didn't reach. Trim up all the hedges, get rid of the weeds in the garden and replace dead garden flowers with nice new ones. Even put up some nice urn pots and plant a few bright, full plants in them and place them at the entrance to your front walkway.
  2. Get Rid of Room Clutter: When showing your home to potential homebuyers, there is nothing worse than seeing clutter around as this distracts buyers from envisioning their belongs in each room. A clean and tidy home also gives the illusion of being much larger than it may be.
  3. Clean All the Walls and Windows: Cleaning the walls provides a clean smelling house and if you happen to be a smoker living in the house, this will get rid of the majority of the smells that are imbedded in the walls, especially if the have wallpaper on them. Clean off all the siding of the house with a pressure washer. This will get rid of dirt that won't come off with normal cleaning and will get rid of cobwebs and spider webs in hard to reach areas.
  4. Interior Painting: Add a nice coat of interior paint in a nice neutral colour, as this will give an illusion of being larger and gives it a nice, new fresh smell.
  5. Curtains and Blinds: Put up new and inexpensive curtains and blinds, or, better yet, if your current blinds and shades are not that old, give them a proper cleaning. But, if you notice they are fading in any way, spend a little extra to give the windows a new look.
  6. Clean the Carpet: Invest in a carpet cleaner and look into getting rid of the stains that do not immediately come out.
  7. 7. Install Modern Light Switches, Outlets and Refinish Kitchen Cabinets: Make sure that whatever you do, turn off the power to the outlets that you are changing, then install nice new modern light switches and outlet covers. Putting in a nice dimmer switch or motion detector light in the kitchen is a nice feature along with refinishing any outdated or old looking cabinets.
  8. Light bulbs: Put in higher wattage light bulbs while showing your home as it will look very bright and people can look in every nook and cranny and not feel like they are purposely being directed away from areas that are dimly lit.