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Door painting

Want to paint your own door in your new home? If you would like a door to look like it was painted by a professional but would like to do it yourself, follow a few tips provided by the professionals.

Preparation is the key to any professional painting job. In some cases painters estimate that preparation is 80 percent to 90 percent of the entire process. Using primer paint is one of the more important elements of a good paint job. It seals in any stains on the door but more importantly the primer will help the new paint adhere to the door more completely. When you do lay the paint onto the door, start at the edges. If you can get the edges done first the paint will roll on better in the wider sections so you can further spread toward the edges. This is especially true because you want to make sure you have enough paint on the door for spreading. Lastly, paint the shorter portions of the door first so that when you do paint the longer sections they will end at the joints. This will limit brush strokes from appearing.

Door replacement

If replacing a door is the task at hand there are a few considerations that should be addressed before the job is begun. Generally, these considerations have to do with the door hardware. In some instances the door can be bought with the lock and hinge sets pre mortised. This is not the door for you. Look for a door that needs to be drilled to accept the hinge and lock sets. Because of this, hinges and locks on the existing frame need to be transferred to the new door, so measuring is key.

If this is the first time that you have attempted this transfer a friend with some experience would be a good idea. If this is not a possibility the use of lock and hinge sets is a possibility. These sets reduce the number of measurements that need to be made and reduce the number of possible errors.

Another key to measuring is the height and width measurements. Although it would be nice if the door fit perfectly the first time this is unlikely. Because of this remember that there are tolerances around the edges of the door for trimming. But not that much before the inner core is reached. Typically, these measurements are one half inch on the bottom and one quarter inch on the sides. There is no tolerance on the top.

Door lock installation

If you are installing a lockset into an existing door it is likely to be a dead bolt or a cylinder lock. The largest question to consider is whether a double or single cylinder lock is to be used. If a single cylinder lock is used it can be opened with a key from the outside and a simple twist from the inside. If a double cylinder is used a key is needed from both sides. This makes for a bit of a problem if there is trouble and somebody needs to get out quickly. In most cases, if this were the issue, a key can be left in the lock on the inside to facilitate exit. In most cases, however, a single cylinder is chosen so a problem does not occur.