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Toilet installation

When installing a toilet the water supply, vent and drain lines should be inspected. If replacement of the toilet is the case a visual inspection should suffice. If a new toilet is to be located new piping will need to be installed. This needs to be done by a licensed plumber. An inspection by local authorities after your international move is also likely.

When purchasing a toilet all items should be included except for toilet seat and the gasket ring. The ring which comes in two sizes with the correct size for the gasket being found in the owner's manual.

Medicine cabinet replacement

The bathroom medicine cabinet is one of the easier items to replace when considering modifications to the most important room in the house. In some circumstances, the changing of one item can lead to many other changes. When the medicine cabinet is considered, however, the change can take place seamlessly without interfering with other aspects of the room.

Measuring the size of the cabinet opening is the crucial part to remember. It is the size of the wall opening that you are trying to fit and not the size of the particular cabinet you like that matters. Generally, this is because the cabinet is attached to the studs in the wall. If the cabinet you like is a bit smaller than the opening, but has an overhang of the frame that supports the mirror, some blocking may be added to accommodate the box while covering the remaining whole with the overhang. If the size of the cabinet is larger than the opening it is unlikely that more space will be able to be found for enlarging the opening.

The one added element that needs to be considered is the depth of the cabinet box. This measurement is often not remembered and is the one measurement that cannot be modified, in any way, unless the entire wall is to be taken down.

Leaky toilet base repair

One of the largest considerations that should be addressed before you begin any repair task in the bathroom is space. Bathrooms can be notoriously cramped with space to move being limited. Remove anything that can be removed such as doors, hampers or towel bars. If the bathroom in question is the only one in the house you have moved into after a local move, make sure there is an alternate available.

Leaky tank repair

A leaky tank can occur if there is water leaking into the bowl or out of the tank. The culprit is likely to be found at the fill valve, tank bolt or spud valve. Make sure the water is turned off and replace the affected part. Tread lightly in this area as porcelain breaks very easily.

Toilet seat repair

If you need to replace a toilet seat a screwdriver and adjustable wrench are all the tools you will need. In most instances a toilet seat is replaced for two reasons; it has cracked or the style is not for you. In any event style and comfort are the watchwords.