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Window Air-conditioner Maintenance

Maintaining an air-conditioner is an exercise in being an environmentally friendly consumer and saving the household budget money. If the owner's manual has been saved give it a read before beginning the cleaning of your air-conditioner. If the manual has been lost, proceed slowly. Removing parts may be easy. Putting them back after the moving process may not be quite as easy. Parts are, generally, designed with close tolerances and not made for tightening with a standard human hand. When in doubt leave the screw in place.

Remove the air-conditioner from the window and the cover from the front of the unit. Inspect any coils on the front or back of the unit and give them a clean with a damp cloth. The filter is likely the dirtiest item to consider and will probably need to be replaced. Any hardware store should have filters to fit. But, remember to take the old filter with you for the correct model numbers.

Any air-conditioning unit may break down during or after a long heating season. If the issue is not easily diagnosed it is better to have a licensed technician make an inspection. If a part, such as a condenser, has failed they should be the one to replace it.

Dishwasher installation

Measuring and function choices are the watchwords of washing machine choice and installation. Most washing machines are 18-24 inches in depth and have a variety of options to choose from. If the measurements are correct all you need to think about is the color and functions that you would like. Installation is often best left to a licensed plumber unless you feel confident about attaching hoses that could leave your kitchen full of water. As the saying goes measure twice cut once. In the case of washing machines measure three times or return to the appliance store twice.

Washing machine installation

Washing machines are fairly easy to install if you are replacing an existing one. When the old machine is removed make a note of where the drain and supply lines are located. Simply reconnect the lines and you are ready to wash. In many instances, the machine is located in a difficult place to manoeuvre. Make sure the delivery people or moving company people get the machine to its final location before they leave. If the machine is going into a new location a licensed plumber should be contacted to install supply and drain lines. Installing these lines is best left to them.

Dryer vent installation

A dryer vent is usually constructed of 4 inch heavy gauge sheet metal because flexible vinyl cannot stand up to the heat and weight that the vent is exposed to. In any case where a heat vent is used for venting purposes a screw other than a sheet metal screw must be used. Sheet metal screws can lead to a build up of lint which, in turn, can cause a blockage of vent gases. In some instances, these gasses can be comprised of carbon monoxide which can lead to dizziness or death.