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Moving Company Quiz

Choosing a moving company

Moving in itself can be a horrific experience if not handled with proper planning and attention to detail. Movers can help you to a great extent in the process but if they are not reputed or certified, it can wreak havoc on your moving trip. You could end up losing luggage, a lot of money and endure unnecessary expenses along the way.

Finding the right mover

Choosing the right mover can be an uphill task. However to make the process easier we have outlined some basic questions you need to ask before hiring any mover.
  1. Is the moving company registered with the government?
    The moving company needs to be registered with the Department of Transportation (DOT) and also have a DOT number. The moving company also needs to be a member of the American Moving and Storage Association or AMSA. This ensures exceptional levels of service and handling.
  2. Does the moving company have a good reputation?
    For this you could check with friends and acquaintances and even get a recommendation from them about the quality of service this company provides.
  3. Are they charging the market rate?
    You can check out the going rate most moving companies charge to be able to take an informed decision. Most movers charge exorbitant amounts thinking customers don't know the rates.
  4. What type of insurance is the company providing?
    You need to check whether the insurance is for automobiles, the house or medical related. Also check if the coverage pays for replacement costs, cash value or by the quantity. You also need to check if any additional charges are applicable and what is the total amount of these charges.
  5. Do they resolve complaints well?
    Check out the specific point of contact in case of any trouble or complaint to be made. Check how movers handle such situations and the time they take to resolve an issue. You could check with the local BBB or Better Business Bureau for past issues of handling complaints.
  6. Do they frequently delay pickup and delivery of goods?
    This is crucial because you don't want to be stranded in another city or country waiting for your goods to arrive! Check for the background of the moving company - if they usually cause delays, it might be better to look for another company.
  7. What information am I entitled to from the moving company?
    The moving company needs to provide you with a copy of the written estimate, a copy of the U.S. DOT publication on your rights and responsibilities when moving. The moving company also needs to give you a copy of the order for service once signed, as well as necessary contact details in case of complaints.
  8. To hire or not to hire? That's the question
    Many people may prefer packing and moving the goods themselves. In case you decide to pack yourself make sure to follow these tips before starting. You should also weigh the pros and cons of doing it yourself versus hiring a mover.