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Preparing Your Home For Moving - Is Your Home Ready?

There are many things that you need to do to get your house prepared for your eventual move out, from what should be completed from one month before to the night before the move out of your house.

A practical way of ensuring that everything is done during your house moving period is to make a little planning checklist, comprised of the following:

  • Using a mover or moving yourself
  • How much does your furniture weigh and can you get it easily up and down the stairs. If your answer to this is more on the side of weighting too much and difficult to move, you may want to consider trying an advertisement to sell those furniture pieces or have a garage sale to see if you can sell it there, or, an even more charitable move would be to call up a shelter or a Salvation Army store to see if they could use it and that they can have it as long as they pick it up.
  • Ask if family members and/or friends can help on your moving day, if you are moving everything on your own.
  • If you do chose to use a moving van, is there a tail lift available for easy loading and unloading of your belongings. You will also need to enquire what the maximum weight is for the van to ensure you don't break any violations.
  • Keep visiting the local supermarkets to obtain used boxes as these cost money if you obtain them from a moving company; and, you don't even have that option if you move on your own.

Now that you've looked at a pre-planning list and you've accomplished all those things necessary before your move, you need to look at the actual moving day and what you should have prepared:

  • Charge any cell phones the night before as you may or may not have the house phone line available, depending on when the phone company shuts it off.
  • Make sure you have all the necessary documentation and keys from your lawyer, as you can't move in anything if you don't have keys.
  • Makes sure that all appliances are shut off and defrost/clean your refrigerator out.
  • Read all your outside meters and record the final numbers on them in case you are charged too much when you receive your final bill.
  • Secure all doors/windows.
  • Vacuum all the carpets of your current home after all the items are moved out.