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Find a Certified Moving Consultant

What Does It Take to be a CMC?

A certified moving consultant (CMC) is a salesperson who has been given a certified moving consultant credential. He/she gets the CMC credential by applying with the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA), after which he/she signs a Code of Ethics and Professional Standards and should be able to pass the certification examination. And upon acquiring the accreditation, he/she is required to pay annual fees and a recertification process to preserve his/her CMC position.

Make Your CMC Work for You

Your certified moving consultant should be with you from beginning to end-from packing your things to unpacking them in your new home. He/she should be able to discuss with you all the moving necessities that may be required of you. Your CMC should also estimate the size of your shipment that will determine the cost of moving your things. Finally, your CMC should make all the necessary arrangements with the moving company or the mover. Your CMC should be able to administer the entire relocation course for you.

But before you choose your certified moving consultant, it is essential that you check the online list (updated fortnightly) of CMCs available in your area. The other thing that you have to require from your CMC is his/her credential. It is always better that he/she has the membership card given by AMSA. Otherwise, you would not be able to hold him/her accountable for any complaint while moving. So get a certified moving consultant to give you excellent and remarkable service in moving.