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Picking and Delivery

Picks ups and delivery are essential to every move. Therefore, it is important that you hire experienced and professional movers to deliver your goods safely, and on time.

It is vital that you decide the dates for picking and delivering your shipment and notify the mover. Make sure that the mover is able to offer you services between those dates. If the mover is unavailable on the dates you decide, you should be in a position to alter them. The dates should be definite - do not agree to terms like "as soon as possible" or "at the earliest".

While selecting the mover, make sure that the bill of lading includes the picking and delivery dates. Ensure that you know the next course of action in case there is a change in any of the scheduled plans or if you are unable to pick the delivered goods. In case the mover is unable to pick up or deliver on the agreed dates, the mover must notify you in person or over the phone. You can then agree on an alternate date for the same.

Get the weight and charges notification from the mover. Also, you need to provide a receipt on delivery of your shipment. However, you should check the condition of your goods before signing the receipt, accepting that your goods have been delivered in good condition.

Usually moves are not delayed, but in case such a situation arises due to the mover's fault, you need to know the compensation you are entitled to receive. All these matters need to be considered and discussed with the mover before finalizing the order for service.