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How to Get a Moving Estimate

Legitimate Mover

Getting the services of a mover can be a tedious task. There are so many things to consider. Referrals from friends may prove to be useful. It is recommended to check the mover you are going to hire. Consider also the cost of the whole moving process. You have to make sure that you are not being unjustly charged.

Close to Truth

In estimates based on an hourly rate, you are given estimates similar to a price list. The rates given are based on previous job experience of the mover. Upon evaluation of the items you are about to move, the moving company will compare this from past jobs that more or less similar to yours. Then an estimate price quotation will be given. But beware of some movers who charge you with a very low hourly rate. This could mislead you. Try to avoid this. Chances are a different rate will be charged on you prior to unloading your items.

Not to Exceed

This kind of estimate is the best you can have. The moving estimates based on the actual item list that you are moving. The final price should not be more than the estimates, as agreed, paying the much lesser price if ever actual price is under the estimated amount. However, if actual items exceed the "not to exceed" amount, you will be charged more. Make sure that the agreed moving estimates be made in writing. And getting an insurance coverage will be a wise move.