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There are a lot of things that you need to think about when you are in the process of moving and it is important that you pick the right mover, which isn't always the simplest thing to do. With a little effort put forth by you, your moving experience can be positive. First investigate a lot of the moving companies you can find through personal referrals or through either the internet or phone book. Remember to check references and how much each company will charge for things like providing boxes (if you don't already have some), also called packing services, or if they charge by rooms or by weight.

While you are looking at moving companies to service your interstate needs, remember to look for a certified mover as these types of companies fall under the AMSA under their Certified Movers Program. While you are thinking of certified movers for your interstate move, look for a certified moving consultant (CMC) who will ensure that all your packing and unpacking needs are met with extremely professional standards and perform at the highest level of ethical conduct.

There are other certified specialists to help you with your move, such as a Certified Office and Industrial Consultant (COIC) that will look for that certified mover within the AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association). The good thing about hiring on with a certified specialist is the guarantee that they possess when a consultant works specifically with you.

Perhaps you may not want to follow the path of certified specialists as you may be moving locally or internationally. No matter what your requirements are for your move, it is important to choose a moving company and consult their moving specialists or account managers that will be able to answer every question you may have. It would be a very good idea to go in to the moving company with a list of questions that you would like answered. One of these questions that is imperative to have answered is how much the moving estimate will be. There are many different types of estimates that you could be provided with: hourly rate, price quotation; but, no matter which version of estimate you receive, be wary of any that provide a very low hourly rate, as this may mask other hidden costs.

Now that you have your moving estimates in hand and have decided upon whether to use a certified mover or not, you will need to plan your move now. Make sure to make your planning checklists well ahead of time to ensure that you have added everything you can think of to do, while still affording you the opportunity to add more. Take care of all details needed with your move and you will have a smooth transitional move.