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Find a Certified Office and Industrial Consultant

What Is a COIC?

First of all, you should know who is a qualified office and industrial consultant. Before being able to join the sales force industry, one has to pass the qualifying examination in order to get a COIC certification. A certified office and industrial consultant should have a COIC (Certified Office and Industrial Consultant) credential. This is to guarantee the clients that they are dealing with a knowledgeable person equipped with competency. The COIC is guided by ethical standards and procedures. They pay their annual dues and undergo a recertification process to maintain their membership. These people are committed to give you the right services that you need in moving.

Wise Move

Before hiring a consultant, look for the COIC credential first. This way, you get the assurance that you are negotiating with the right person whom you can rely on. You may double-check the credentials from the AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association) site. This site contains the complete listing of those who are COIC holders, since updates are being done every two weeks. But, nevertheless, checking for the credentials will be better, even if he is among the list of the AMSA.

Guaranteed Service

If you have any complaints on the services of the consultant you may write the AMSA regarding the details of such complaint. The AMSA has a panel of consultants who evaluates complaints, and gives the necessary action on the concerned consultant in order to avoid similar unfavorable incidents to happen.