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Car Shipping

One of the many items that you will need to move or ship is your vehicle, as it is far cheaper than buying a new one on the other end! There are many things you need to be aware of when looking at auto transportation, which includes looking into what insurance the auto carrier has in case of any damage that may occur to your vehicle. It is important for you to realize that every reputable auto carrier does not cover any personal contents that are inside the vehicle during shipping. Therefore, do not, under any circumstances, ship personal items inside your vehicle. If you do, this is entirely at your own risk. Another important point for you to realize is that, unlike renting a car, you should never be asked to pay a deductible as the car carrier will already have that deductible built into their own business insurance. Other items that you should take into consideration is the charges that will be incurred for your vehicle's weight and the time factor it will take in receiving your vehicle at your new location. As you would assume, interstate and international take considerably different times.

When you are looking at different auto carrier methods, as you can well deduce, international auto transport is different from other types. Although what may seem a daunting task, shipping your vehicle internationally does not necessarily mean it needs to be difficult. Most of the work is completed with a clearing agent and custom broker located at both ends of your move and will help you in understanding the different taxes that you should be aware of. Unlike an interstate or local move, it would be a very good idea to obtain additional insurance as maritime law only dictates that a shipping company provide $500 of insurance per vehicle. Since you will be shipping your vehicle inside a container, you can actually include some personal belongings inside your vehicle, which, of course, need to be insured for loss or damage. You can also obtain auto transport and tax deductible claims for shipping costs that can be used on your year end tax returns.

Above all, you need to choose an auto transport company that not only is reputable but has the proper paperwork and is actively registered with the Department of Transportation along with the credentials required to transport motor vehicles. As with any shipping or moving of cargo and belongings, you need to discuss with the auto transporter the exact timeline of shipping your auto.

Now that you've looked into the auto transport company and its reputation as well as what you will need for interstate or international shipping methods, it is important to actually prepare your car for transportation. No matter who ships your vehicle, you are, in the end, responsible for actually preparing your car and although it doesn't take much time to do so, it will save a lot of grief in the long run. Make a routine inspection of your vehicle prior to the movers coming and get your vehicle washed. This allows for easy identification of any damage prior to shipping and any that may happen after shipping. Also, get a small service check over done on your vehicle to ensure your battery is charged, tires are inflated and top up all fluids.