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What to Expect when Your Auto Transporter Arrives

Vehicle transporters have a difficult time providing specific delivery or pick-up times. Untimely breakdowns, heavy traffic and other unforeseen problems are common causes of potential delays. Exercise a bit of patience so that you as well as your moving company enjoy a positive experience.

Don't forget about clarifying terms of payment. Before shipping you are usually required to place some amount of money as deposit with the car shipping company. Use your credit card if you do pay any advance, just in case there are any charges that may have to be disputed at a later stage.

The Pickup

Thoroughly inspect your vehicle before you hand it over to a transporter. Make a note of any cosmetic damage that may be present including dents, dings and scratches. Take photographs of your car from many different angles and date them.

You, along with your driver should inspect the car thoroughly for any damage that is pre-existing. Photographs and the records that your have written down should be helpful towards this process. Make sure that besides your personal records, the transporter has also made his own official notes.

If there any last minute questions that you may have regarding the process of shipping, ask your driver. Confirm all your contract terms and make sure your driver as well as the auto transport company has your correct phone number and other contact information.

Prior to your car getting loaded onto the trailer, make a note of the reading on the odometer. Though your car would need to be driven a bit in order to store or load the vehicle, there should not be a major discrepancy in the mileage reading upon delivery of your car at your destination.

The Delivery

The driver as well as a representative from the moving company should carry out an inspection of the vehicle upon delivery and make note of any damage that may have taken place. If you cannot be present make sure there is a responsible agent at the time and place when the inspection is being carried out. The car should be thoroughly inspected for any damages when it is delivered at the specified destination. Besides checking if there are any cosmetic damages also take a look at the odometer and at the undercarriage of the car and check if there are any mechanical problems by starting up the car.

The balance money that is due will have to be paid upon delivery. This balance will have to be paid in cash or maybe cashiers check. Auto transporters seldom accept card payments or personal checks at the time of delivery.

After Delivery

If you notice new damages on your car upon arrival, follow the instructions of your carrier for filing any claim. Ensure that the record of damages is signed by the company's agent or the driver. Also try and get your insurance filed within twenty-four hours.

Most shippers consider the shipping process is finished after delivery of the car. You should refer this transport company to other potential customers if the experience you've had were positive.