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Self Serve Moving May be an Option

When you are getting ready for a moving adventure researching moving companies and all relevant options is the very first item on the moving check list. This moving company may have a better price than that one but this one has a better schedule than the other. If a self serve option is a possibility than there are a few other considerations to factor in but each may make doing the moving yourself feasible and less costly.


As the possibility of a self serve move is researched consider how the process is going to work and the options available. There are several ways to go about a self serve move with each having a few variables that will affect your moving decision. These variables may include
  • How much do you have to move?
  • Can you and your work crew lift everything that needs to be moved?
  • Are you comfortable with driving a large truck?
  • Will the move require personal self storage?
  • What size container or containers will you need
  • What costs will be incurred: personal labor, volunteer labor, container, gas, driving time?
How much "stuff"?

It is one thing to move a few dozen items from a studio apartment and it is quite another to move belongings that have been piling up for 20 years. Even before you begin the process of researching a self serve move take a look around and realistically consider "can I do this"? Sofas, refrigerators and other appliances weigh quite a bit, even with a dolly, so be realistic.

If you do conclude that you can do this yourself consider the aspect of driving a large truck. How confident are you about that? This is not quite as important as the first consideration but still one to think about. It is less important because there are moving companies that offer a drop service.

Drop services

This option is a middle option for the self serve moving person. A company, that has been well researched, will drop a 20' or 40' container where you would like. All that you need to do is consult with a certified moving consultant about the 20' container specs or the 40' container specs and which or how many will suit your needs. You then fill the containers and the moving service takes them to their destination. A further option, to muddy the mix, is a partial fill of the container. Some moving companies will only charge for the amount of the container that is used. This is an option but also think that somebody else's things may go in the empty space so damage and or theft may be an issue.

Cost benefit

If self serve moving is an option the research just needs to be a bit more directed toward cost. If the job appears to be relatively small doing the job yourself is quite feasible and cost effective. As the job gets larger, however, cost and just how much physical effort is desired needs to be given a cost. If you can live with the cost why sweat it, but at least know what it is when compared with doing it yourself.