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Moving Check List

With correct and strategic planning, moving can be a hassle - free and smooth task. Once the moving date is confirmed, plan ahead and make a detailed checklist of things to do :
  1. Read the important tips and points that are necessary for safe moving through professional movers.
  2. Make sure that you and your family members undergo routine checkups and have your medical reports updated.
  3. Inform your insurance companies and get necessary information.
  4. If you have a pet and can take it along with you, take it to a vet and get necessary checkup documents and tips for safe transportation.
  5. Pack the important and valuable articles safely and keep it ready for transportation.
  6. Pack the things that you have no use for in the current place but would need in your new place, separately.
  7. Discard or dispose things that are not needed or cannot be transported.
  8. File a disconnection of your phone, discontinuation of the newspaper and the address change.
  9. A week before your moving, drain or dispose gas, oil and water.
  10. Get yourself all the necessary medication for yourself and your kids.
  11. Pack the essentials like the refrigerator, stove and cookery articles before the day of moving.
  12. Call up your movers a week in advance and reconfirm the picking and delivery dates.
In addition to above, there are also other important points to keep in mind. You can contact your mover for these details. Our website helps you get a professional moving company to handle your relocation. Simply fill in the online estimate form with all your requirements and we will send you up to ten free personalized quotes from the top moving companies.