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Money Saving Moving Tips

Even the richest of the rich know that moving the contents of a home or office is an expensive endeavor. Unlike the rest of us, however, the richest of the rich rarely think about the little things that could have the potential to save you a little, or allot, of change. There are several tips along the way to reducing moving costs although the one tip that will begin you along the way is how you look at your household items. Instead of looking at a washer and saying "ok, it's a washer", look at it and say "how much does it weigh? Will it need special handling?" Some other ideas include:
  • lighter is better
  • Can I let the movers pick the date
  • If you don't ask you don't get
  • Look at the fine print
  • Avoid cost of self storage
  • Can I move it myself?
Lighter is better

In the moving world weight is everything. Less weight, among other things, means less cost. As the moving date approaches and all the moving companies that you have been looking at are whittled down get your moving - home preparation in gear; what do you really need to move? If your refrigerator is old and inefficient maybe it would be better to buy new instead of moving it. If your home has been home for quite some time try tagging items in place instead of moving them outside. This will mean, less moving for you and the movers, less weight and extra cash for you.

Let the movers pick the date

When you start to find a moving company ask about their schedule. Generally, moving companies are like airlines, everybody wants to go at the same time. In most instances the moving company will grant a discount if you can bend a bit to meet their needs.

Fine print

You may want to add these to your moving check list as they work together. There are many little things attached to the contract you sign. Every now and again there is a little item that can save a bunch of money. Ask about them or you will likely not be asked. Does the moving company charge for packing?, can they give a discount off their base fee if it is derived from a standard industry pricing book? The point being ask for discounts and you'd be surprised how many you might get.

Can I do it myself?

As we began with, weight means everything. If you have specialty items that are bulky, heavy or particularly special think about renting a trailer. You could consider a small truck but gas will likely kill the benefit. If you use a trailer you can realize the cost savings because the car is going anyway and gas, lodging and a host of other items are tax deductable if you're going more than 50 miles from your original place of employment (with conditions.) So, if you have a four wheeler, snow mobile, boat or washer dryer think about doing it yourself. Do the cost/benefit first though.