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Make and Inventory Moving List and Copy it Twice

Moving is often called one big headache by most people even after a successful move. Avoiding a few of the potential pitfalls before, during and after picking up and delivery is the key to having a small headache verses a migraine. Making a home inventory is one way to avoid issues after the move is complete and can be done quite easily if a small amount of time is taken before moving companies become involved in the process.

Go digital wherever possible

Making a moving inventory is the first step in Moving-home preparation. There are several ways to make this moving inventory list but perhaps the easiest is by using a video recorder or a digital camera. The moving check list should have a 360 degree representation of all the most important items and a description for each. If possible, also show a receipt or voice an approximant date of purchase and/or value. If you are using a digital camera make sure that detailed notes and descriptions are taken and that there are several copies of those notes. The same of course goes for the video.

This first step is but one of several designed to protect your positions. As the items are being loaded into the moving truck, or household shipping crate for that matter, there will be a paper checklist created by the movers as the items are put into the shipping vehicle. Generally, this involves a sticker with a number on it. The sticker will go on the item and a record of that number with a description will go on a shipping inventory list. One might think this would account for types of boxes (and what went into them), general furniture and "junk"(moving speak for odd shaped items) but for some reason it does not. This occurrence can be liked to socks disappearing in the wash except the socks don't hold memories.

Trust a friend

No matter how organized you may think you have been things will always come up missing during and after a move. Just face the fact that there are so many individual items that 100 percent is not a realistic thought. But take heart, just because the item can not be found when moving is finished does not mean that it will not turn up later. Unfortunately, this cannot happen with special documents or the inventory list that you have made. In addition to a copy of your inventory make sure these particular items are copied and given to an immediate family member or close friend for safe keeping:
  • Birth certificates
  • Insurance papers
  • Financial papers
  • Important numbers
Even if you are not moving

As most people can attest there are quite a few items in our homes that are entirely unneeded. There are, however, those items with sentimental and monetary value. Even if moving is not going to happen for some time to come having an inventory of those items is a very valuable thing. Consider hurricane Katrina and the loss of everything in countless homes. If a record was made lives could have been made somewhat easier if only an inventory was made.