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Helping a Senior with Moving Decisions

As all of us continue to age one of the most distressing decisions to be made is moving from a long time home and its comfortable surroundings. In many instances, the decision is made for us but in just as many cases it must be considered by loved ones in conjunction with the senior. In addition, sometimes the senior recognizes the need while in others there is resistance to moving companies showing up at their door. In any case, there are things to think through for all concerned. They may include:
  • Availability and type of supplemental care
  • Keep and throw
  • Storage
  • Desire to move
  • Inclusion in process
  • Home sale
Desire to move

Even before the moving companies arrive there needs to be a conscious decision by the senior that they are going to be moving. It takes more than just a change in the address to plan a move. Helping them to understand where they need help and how their new home can provide it, in a quiet way, will aid in persuading the senior.

Inclusion in process

One of the leading issues that most loved ones face, when convincing a senior that it's time to move, is the loss of control that the senior is feeling. If they can help make more of the moving decisions they will likely be more open to the concept of moving.

Keep and throw

Perhaps the most difficult of situations that a moving experience can bring to a senior is cleaning out memories of their past. If there is going to be disagreement, excluding the desire to move element, this is where it will happen. Absolutely keep the senior involved at this stage of the moving process, but possibly have a third pile that might be labeled personal self storage for those items that probably won't be missed but could be.

Availability of supplemental care

Great resistance is often the case before movers arrive so if there is an opportunity for a transitional element before moving occurs it may be an option. Home care may work well but beware the possibility that it provides an excuse for the senior to say "look I'm ok" when they might not be. It can be a great opportunity if the level of care that is required is not available at the moment and more throwing is needed before the movers arrive.

Certified moving consultant

It is not all that uncommon that resistance can be overcome with the use of somebody with a title. Seniors will likely throw up all sorts of excuses but for some reason will more readily belive a title when it comes to a simple answer than a family member. Check one out for a chat with the senior about the move options they have.

Whatever the need for the senior in question, the process of moving out of the long time home is a difficult one. If there were one thing to depend upon, after the senior understands the need for the move, it would be a moving check list. This one item will help with the control issues involved and make the entire moving process easier.