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Services - How to change an address

The aim of postal service is to deliver the mails of the customer at correct location, each and every time. This can be achieved only if the address data with the postal service is correct. To maintain the accuracy of the database, the postal service works with the customers.

If you are a non-US citizen, you must submit form AR-11 within 10 days after you have changed the address after moving. This can be done by filling the form electronically on the website or you can ask for paper form. Then fill it on the paper and submit.

There are two methods available for changing your address. One is Address change Service (ACS) and other is Business Entity Identifier (BEI). All mails sent to ACS must have a valid domestic return address.

All customers want the system, which maintains information about address change, should be fast, secure and reliable. ACS will meet all needs of the customers. ACS is very good for those who maintain the address record on computers. ACS reduces manual address correction quarries but it cannot eliminate it.

To change the address, you should submit an application form completed in all respect to the postal service. Once you submit an application of change of address, the postal service will provide you a participant code. To use the ACS, you must have the participant code. The change of address is reflected in the notifications of the postal service. It is possible that the old address and name information of the customer in the notification, may not match with the one in the mailer address file as this may require a complex logic to match the same and locate the customer. In this case, you can use ACS keyline for the matching. The keyline is the specific information given by the customer to identify him.