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Go Slow When Unpacking

Supposedly everything has finally made it to your new home and all that is needed to finish the nightmare is to unpack. Right? Some might think so but the answer is wrong. After the mover has gone your job in the moving process has just begun. If you are not careful you may be investigating the cost of self storage and self storage insurance. Often the new home looks bigger before the furniture shows up so be prepared when the boxes and furniture show up.

Boxes everywhere

There are so many types of boxes and they always end up where they are not supposed to be no matter how big the lettering on them is. If you were present for the loading of the moving truck you may have had the chance to tell the foreman that these items need to go in last because they will be unpacked first. Sometimes it works and other times it does not depending upon how the moving truck needs to be loaded. However, if you do get the chance try and have the kitchen, and linens come off first so you know right where they are. In all likelihood the bed frames will be at the doors of the moving truck and the mattresses at the far end so you will know right where they are and the movers should have a fairly good idea where they go.

First rooms first

Think about priorities before and after the movers have gone. If a sofa bed needs to be on the second floor or in the basement you want to be sure it is where it will most definitely rest before they leave. This is also key when piano moving is concerned. You may also want to consider that, since the movers are walking around boxes as the moving process is going on that you can ask where this box or that one may be.

This last idea is a good one so that the kitchen has what is needed for that first meal and that the bedroom has sheets and what not for the first night. Invariably there will be the need for overflow during the unpacking process. Make this room one that will be used the least. Try to keep cloths and anything to do with food out of this space.


Having everything in the house and somewhat ready for unpacking can get many people moving to get the job done right away. Try to resist this temptation. You have finally made it through the hard part. Try to relax and enjoy that fact. Although some may suggest saving the deck furniture for last sometimes it is a good thing to do first. Chances are, if you have a lots of stuff the move did not finish until late in the day and you will be hungry. The last thing you want to do is cook so the likely option will be take out. Keep this in mind along with the last stop before you get to your new home, the beer or wine store.