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Shipping to Puerto Rico

If you are planning a move to Puerto Rico or anywhere else in the U.S. Virgin Islands, there are some things you should know. Moving out of the country does not have to be overwhelming, but it does require some research and planning. There are five major things to keep in mind when shipping to Puerto Rico.

Shipping to Puerto Rico Tip #1: Determine a date that the goods need to arrive. Knowing this will help you determine a date by which you have to have the items ready for shipment. Most shipping to Puerto Rico is going to need to be done by sending the items on a ship. Ships from the United States will take about three or four days to arrive in Puerto Rico. When planning a move, you need to figure out how many days it will take to get your items to one of the east coast ports and then add on about three or four days.

Shipping to Puerto Rico Tip #2: Find a reputable moving company to help with the move. There are many moving companies that promise a quality move, but don't deliver on that promise. Get references from people who used the company in the past for their move. Make sure the company is experienced with shipping to Puerto Rico. Ask them if they will do picking up and delivery, or if you need to get the items to a port. Additionally, a reputable moving company will provide you with a moving check list and an international moving guide.

Shipping to Puerto Rico Tip #3: Prepare for shipment carefully. Preparing items that will be sent out of the country on a ship requires some extra care. Many moving companies sell crate kits that are especially designed for moving furniture. You may want to consider hiring a moving company that will do the packing for you, as they are experienced in what kind of padding and containers are required. Moving companies charge extra for this work, but it may be well worth the money to hire someone to do it.

Shipping to Puerto Rico Tip #4: Label everything and complete paperwork. Every single item needs to be labeled so that all items and crates can be accounted. The shipping company you hire will tell you their labeling preferences, but know that everything must have an identification affixed to it. Additionally, make certain that you have the proper paperwork ready for shipping to Puerto Rico. You should check with your moving company to make sure that you have provided them with all of the required paperwork necessary for the move.

Follow these tips and your move to Puerto Rico can be a smooth experience.