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Shipping to Pakistan

If you are considering a move to Pakistan either for business or volunteer work, you are likely wondering how you are going to make it happen. Moving overseas doesn't need to be scary, especially if you understand the regulations for moving to and living in Pakistan. Among these regulations are the fact that you need to have a work permit from the government of Pakistan and a letter from your employer stating that you will be working there for three years. Once you are familiar with the laws for moving to Pakistan as a foreigner, you can coordinate the logistics of moving your house there. These tips are a good start to your research on shipping to Pakistan.

Shipping to Pakistan Tip #1: Determine what items you will be shipping. Shipping costs are based on weight and dimensions, so you need to make sure that you are shipping only the items that you really need so that your shipping expenses are not cost prohibitive. Understand that items such as alcohol, weapons, and movies are strictly prohibited. Additionally, you will only be allowed to ship a vehicle if you are a diplomat.

Shipping to Pakistan Tip #2: Interview international moving companies experienced with moving to Pakistan. No matter how inexpensive the cost, you do not want to hire a moving company who has no or little experience with moving people to Pakistan. When you are interviewing companies willing to ship your items, ask for references and estimates on the proposed items to be shipped. Find out whether or not they provide employees for picking up and delivery of the shipment once it is in Pakistan.

Shipping to Pakistan Tip #3: Compare estimates from the moving companies. While you do not want to pick the least expensive, least experienced moving company, you also do not want to pay exorbitant fees for shipping to Pakistan, either. The goal is to find a reputable company with experience who will charge a reasonable fee to ship your goods to Pakistan.

Shipping to Pakistan Tip #4: Shop around for moving insurance. Occasionally, mishaps will occur, and household goods can get damaged in an overseas move. You will want to insure your shipment for peace of mind and financial safety.

Shipping to Pakistan Tip #5: Coordinate the shipping schedule with your moving schedule. Because Pakistan requires that you be in the country at the time your household items arrive there, you need to make sure that your visa document are in place so that you arrive and enter Pakistan before your shipment does. Pet moving is another regulated issue in Pakistan, as they require the owner to be there for the pet to be released from customs.