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Pet Moving

Be it a local, an interstate or an international move, taking pets along with you when you relocate can be a tough job. Prior and detailed planning is very critical when moving with pets. Most movers do not handle moving your pets; therefore, this may be your responsibility. However, there are a few pet handling agencies that can do this for you. We understand the importance you attach to your pet. To ease the relocation of your pet, we recommend you follow some basic tips :
  1. Make sure your pet follows the routine like exercises, feed time, play time, etc. as usual.
  2. Before making an international move, your pet should be examined by the vet thoroughly and get a fitness certificate, as a few countries do not allow pets without a proper certificate.
  3. A number of countries and states do not allow pets to be brought in from another country or state. Consult your moving companies about the laws of other countries and states in this matter. This will help you decide your next course of action regarding your pet.
  4. While traveling with your pet, a direct flight would minimize the inconvenience to you and your pet.
  5. During travel, avoid feeding or giving water to your pet.
All animals, including your pets, fear moving to new place. Since they cannot communicate their feelings to you in words, you need to pay special attention to their needs while transporting them to a new location.