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Ship to France

France is a nation that relies heavily on trade with the rest of the world. To ship to France, your products have to go through rigorous customs requirements. These tough requirements are not to make anyone's life miserable; rather they are to protect the citizens of France, and possibly the rest of the European Union, from dangerous products. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work their way through the customs forms to ship to France. Just do your research and make sure you know what is required.

There are many items that France strictly controls the import of. Alcohol cannot be imported to France, for example. If you are shipping anything that is an animal product - such as cheese, meat, or fish - you have to have a Health Certificate with each shipment and expect to have your shipments inspected by a veterinarian upon arrival. France also controls the shipping of textiles closely. Video games, toys, and honey are also strictly controlled.

Going online will provide you with very useful information about how to take your products and ship to France. You can find out what customs forms you may need, as well as the fact that France requires a customs broker to receive items. While they prefer all forms be written in French, certain recognized languages such as English are allowed if a translation is available. Anything that you ship to France is subject to a search. If you are selling your products in France, they must have French labels that conform to the laws of France. Commercial products also may face fees and taxes depending on how much they weigh. All fees are paid in Euros. Moving payments can be expensive, but make sure you are able to pay them because if a product has not cleared French customs in 19 days it is returned to the shipper and a company could lose a lot of business.

If you are not interested in shipping products to France and you just want to send a gift to someone, you may be able to avoid both inspections and fees. Gifts that are valued at fewer than 45 Euros (about $56 U.S. dollars) are considered of minimal value and allowed to just go through customs. You have to make sure that the gift you ship to France is clearly marked as a gift from one individual to another and that the value is less than 45 Euros or the gift will be treated as a regular shipment.

There are many companies who offer services to help you ship your gifts or your products. These companies have extensive websites to help you and many offer broker services at the French customs offices. These companies offer everything from advice to full service packages where they will even pack and ship your items for you. Be educated and be upfront when hiring a moving company so they know what you expect of them.