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Different moving companies have different policies for payments so make sure you discuss the various services and their charges clearly with your moving company. Some movers accept all modes of payment like cash, check, money order and credit card payments while others may accept only a few of these methods. Discuss the payment arrangements well in advance to avoid problems later.

Transportation Charges

Before you pay the transportation charges, check the freight bill - it should specify the types of services provided along with the individual charges for each service. If the goods were transferred on a COD (Collect on Delivery) basis, you will need to pay the full value of the freight bill at the time of delivery itself. If you do not pay in time, the mover has the right to refuse delivery and place the goods in storage, for which you would have to bear additional expenses.

Transportation Charges When Two or More Vehicles Are Used

Sometimes, it may be necessary to send the shipment in two or more trucks. This usually happens if an automobile is part of the shipment. In such cases, the transportation charges will be as if the entire shipment was done in one truck itself. The mover may require you to pay for each part of the shipment on delivery or once the entire shipment has been delivered. Ask the auto mover about the payment arrangements beforehand.

Transportation Charges on Lost or Destroyed Shipments

Before signing the receipt of delivery in good condition, first check if you have actually received all the goods in the same condition as you packed and transported them. If there is any problem with the goods, you can claim a refund of the transportation charges for the part of the shipment that is lost or destroyed, in addition to the compensation you may be entitled to receive.