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Be Upfront When Hiring a Moving Company

Trying to "play" a moving company with a "fast and lose" attitude is the quickest way to unthought-of problems at the end of the moving process. Each party involved is simply trying to make the moving experience as easy as possible so don't think that anybody is going to gain advantage simply by omitting concerns that may lurk in hidden places.

There are differences between interstate, local and international moving companies so be sure to check out an interstate moving guide, local movers guide or international moving guide. When you do begin looking for moving companies that may meet your particular moving needs let them know about:
  • Stairs
  • Particularly fragile items
  • Extra stops along the way
  • Timing needs
  • Storage before, during and after the move
  • Moving payments
  • References
Considering that there are several payment methods and conditions that the moving companies are thinking about when they give you an estimate getting them under control first is a good idea. Generally, this is so that you and the movers can see other hidden costs before they arise. Some areas to consider may include:


If you have the time and ability to pack all of your items this could be a savings in cost for you. Your estimate should note this so a hidden cost is not added. Be careful though, If an item gets damaged by the movers the insurance you're paying for may not cover it. Make sure you check to see how each mover deals with this.

Broker v. non-broker

Some moving companies may sound like a moving company on paper but they actually are just brokers that will subcontract out the move. Be sure to check out both companies if this is the case. The broker should, however, be upfront about their status in the moving process. Their extra costs involved may pose an issue with regard to how they pay the actual mover. Being upfront about this aspect may prevent your belongings from being held hostage down the line.


In some cases, particularly with international moving cases, there is a need for storage of belongings as your schedule and the shipping company's schedules mesh. This may also be the case if a new home runs into trouble at closing. Make sure that the mover has an option for this eventuality and a cost structure to cover it up front. This will make life easier during a particularly stressful part of the move. In any case it may be wise to check out the cost of self storage yourself so that all bases are covered and your belongings have a place to call temporary home.

Using a meticulous eye for everything having a cost or problem associated with it is a good way to begin making your move happen. Taking a closer look and being upfront about everything will ultimately cost you less time and money as you dole out more than you would like to make your move happen.