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Ship Car to Europe

For business or pleasure, increasing numbers of people are moving to Europe. Moving can be a harrowing experience, but with a little research and preparation, it does not have to be. One of the most complicated aspects of moving to Europe is figuring out how to ship a car to Europe. While you need to research the regulations for the specific location you are moving to, start with these steps for getting your vehicle to Europe.

Ship Car to Europe Step #1: The most important thing to do when shipping a vehicle to Europe is to research international shipping companies that specialize in moving cars. A reputable company will help you coordinate the logistics of moving the car to Europe. It is prudent to make a list of several companies so that you can compare service and price.

Ship Car to Europe Step #2: You need to find out environmental and safety requirements of the car that are applicable to the country you are shipping the vehicle. Then, you need to determine whether or not your car complies with those regulations.

Ship Car to Europe Step #3: Getting cost estimates from shipping companies is the next necessary step in the process of shipping a car to Europe. Each vehicle is going to have its own specific shipping cost, which will be based on the age and weight of the car. When totaling a cost to ship a car to Europe, obtain estimates on insurance for shipping. You will also need to calculate the exit and entry port fees will be for the specific entry port. Finally, add the cost that the international car shipping company is going to charge so that you have a total shipping estimate. Once you do this, compare that cost to the cost of purchasing a new car once in Europe to make sure it is less expensive to ship the vehicle than to buy a new one upon arrival.

Ship Car to Europe Step #4: Gather the necessary paperwork. The international moving company should give you a list of the documentation necessary. Once you have compiled all of the paperwork, make copies of it.

Ship Car to Europe Step #5: Determine how the vehicle will get to the port from which it will be shipped. Most car shipping companies will coordinate this step for you. A money saving moving tip would be to drive your own car if you live within a few hours of the port and save the extra money.

Ship Car to Europe Step #6: Prepare your car for transportation. Again, the shipping company you have hired should tell you how to prepare your vehicle for shipment. Instructions will include removing all valuables and important papers from the car, and leaving a key in the ignition.