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How to Save on Shipping

In this difficult economy, everyone is looking for ways to save money. Shipping fees sometimes make purchases over the Internet cost prohibitive. Shipping large items are obviously even more expensive, but increasing numbers of people are having to consider shipping things like cars, furniture and other household goods overseas in the pursuit of employment other than in their home country. Saving on shipping costs takes a little bit of research, but it can be done. Try these money saving moving tips as you plan your move overseas.

How to Save on Shipping Tip #1: Determine what needs to be shipped. Make a list of everything that needs to be shipped, and then figure out if it is more expensive to ship it or buy it where you are moving. Often, the shipping costs are very steep and they are based on weight and dimension. Packing only the things that you won't be able to purchase overseas will likely save you money.

How to Save on Shipping Tip #2: Get estimates from several moving companies. Be upfront when hiring a moving company or getting estimates from moving companies. Tell them that you are looking for quality moving service for a reasonable price. Also tell them that you are getting several estimates. Once you have the estimates in hand, you can determine which is the least expensive. Then, check the references on that moving company so that you know you will be getting quality service as well.

How to Save on Shipping Tip #3: Make an inventory list and copy it twice. This is absolutely essential to saving you money, because if some of your inventory is lost in the move, you do not want to have to pay to replace the items. Making two copies of the inventory list is important in case you lose a copy. Make sure you get the moving company's approval of the list so that they can reimburse you for anything that is lost or misplaced during the move.

How to Save on Shipping Tip #4: Consider buying insurance for the move. Taking out an insurance policy specifically for the move can be a cost saving measure as well. If there is a mishap during the move and your items are significantly damaged, you will not have to pay to replace everything if you have insurance.

How to Save on Shipping Tip #5: Pack yourself. While packing can be one of the most cumbersome jobs of moving, doing it yourself can also be a significant cost-saving measure. Moving companies charge a lot of money to pack a house. Even with purchasing the packing materials yourself, you will likely save money by packing up your own things.