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Car Shipping to Europe

There are many people who travel overseas. A lot of the time, these people simply rent a car while they stay in Europe. But what if you are going on an extended business trip, and it will cost too much to keep renting? Or perhaps you are moving to Europe and want to take your car with you? Car shipping to Europe can be done and it is not hard to figure out how.

Car shipping to Europe is done by boat. Cars are loaded into large shipping containers and these containers are placed on barges. Every car that is being shipped must have the battery disconnected and less than 1/8 a tank of gasoline. This is for safety purposes and also your car will weigh less to ship. A barge can take anywhere from a week to a month to arrive in Europe, depending on the location it was sent from and where the car is going. So if you are car shipping to Europe, make sure that you time it correctly so that your car will be there when you need it. Some companies offer both picking up and delivery services. These companies pick your car up at your door, and then deliver it to your door in Europe.

When car shipping to Europe there are a few things that you should remember to do. Here are three of them that will keep your car safe and avoid unnecessary headaches.

1. Do not leave any personal items in your car that is being shipped. There is no shipping company that will reimburse you if something happens to whatever you left in the car. Some companies will not even ship your car if there are personal items in it.

2. Secure all the loose items in the car. If there is something that you have to leave in the car, like certain documents in the glove box or anything like that, make sure that these items are not just rolling around. If they are lost, damaged, or if something like a loose flashlight damages your car, the shipping company is not liable.

3. Remember your antifreeze. All cars need antifreeze in cold climates. If you are going to be moving your car from a nice warm climate such as Florida, to a colder area such as Norway, you need antifreeze. You can't blame your shipping company if you forget it and your engine is damaged.

Moving can be a harrowing experience but car shipping to Europe doesn't have to be. There are lots of companies who will be more than happy to help you and many are very affordable if you don't want to buy another car. Some companies will even help you handle any customs forms or taxes. Hop online and do some research and you'll be pleasantly surprised at just how easy it's become to ship a car all the way to Europe.