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The Real Estate Agent

An agent is perhaps the best investment friend you can enter into a business relationship with. Your real estate agent's name will sit on the sign that is firmly placed in the ground in front of your house that you've spent time on making bright and inviting through all the staging and inexpensive renovations that have been completed.

The time to select who you believe will not only help you to make additional repairs or changes that will best find a buyer for your house for the price you want, but, they are held up to a contractual agreement to get the best price for your house. You must also realize that whatever you tell the real estate agent they are obligated to tell their client.

A real estate agent works for you and there are many areas of real estate practice that need to be addressed to ensure that you get the best deal on both buying and selling real estate. When you look to finding a listing agent, there are two common mistakes made by home owners when searching for an agent based on two factors: highest list price for your home, and, lowest commissions.

Some factors that ensure you are getting the best listing agent include understanding how the entire process works, but, remember, above all you need to know that an agent cannot tell you how much your home will sell for, they simply do a market assessment of the houses that have sold in the past and what current houses in your neighbourhood are selling for at the present time.

Look for a real estate agent that provides you with a range of houses sold in your area as there's always a price range with a low to middle to high end range being supplied.

If your home is properly priced, the best time that you would receive an offer is within 30 days of it being on the market. If your real estate agent prices your property too high, it will not move off the sales listing page and worst of all, you will not get any showings which leads to reducing the price. When potential buyers see that a reduction in price has happened, they'll wonder why this has happened and question the house itself.

Remember, all real estate agents are not created equal and that about 10% of the agents do 90% of the business. It all depends on the real estate agent's home office in their ability or inability to provide large marketing budgets that will allow for a larger influx of advertising in all mediums.

Do your homework and look to referrals from friends and former clients of the real estate agent to ensure that you get the best real estate agent that will sell your house quickly and for the best price possible.