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As you look forward to moving into your new home, there are a few things that you need to complete as you leave your old home. It is important for you to cancel a few things, or, have the services moved to your new home. You will need to look into canceling or moving your home phone service, cable service, newspaper service, cell phone service, satellite and internet services.

There isn't always a need to entirely cancel all of the above services if you are moving interstate or inter-country, as most times you can advise these utility and service companies of your new address and they will move these as part of their customer services. Fortunately, in this technological age, there is no longer a need to cancel everything you have in your name, unless you wish to discontinue the service altogether, but simply change your service address from one to the other. But, if you choose to cancel any of these service, you may need to be prepared for paying a penalty for early cancellation. This is especially common with cell phone companies.

If you choose to cancel your newspaper subscription, you need to be prepared for the chance that you will not receive any type of refund based on the contract that you originally signed. This goes the same for any cancellation of satellite and internet services. If you are signing up for a new service contract at your new home to replace the old one, ask such questions as the service provider's local access, terms and conditions of the contract, installation charges, requirement for additional equipment and any other taxes to pay. If you are staying with the same internet or satellite companies and are required to sign a brand new contract, request and bargain down for installation charges, etc. and fight for these charges to be reversed based on your past relationship.

Above all, do not forget to ensure you have all the paperwork completed to have your address changed at the postal office. You can fill out the paperwork right at the postal office and choose how many days or months you wish to have your mail forwarded for, or, you can now perform this task online through the appropriate websites.

I bet there was one thing that you didn't even know that you can claim on your income tax return ... moving expenses. You can deduct form your tax return the traveling cost of your entire family for the move and actually moving costs associated with moving your household contents.