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Services - How to cancel internet services

When you want to cancel the Internet Service because you need to make an international move, the most important thing you should know that, are you coming under some contractual agreement with the Internet service provider? Generally, these types of contracts include a heavy amount of penalty in case you are canceling the service early. Therefore, before canceling the Internet service you should know some important things. The first thing is that, you should confirm with the service provider that you have completed the specified period in the contract or not. If you know that, the period of contract is not over but still you want to cancel the service and are ready to pay the termination fee. Then you should ask the service provider to mail the exact amount of the termination fee. By doing this you will get, in written, the amount of the fees you are required to pay.

In this case, you should remember one more thing that during this process, you will come in contact with some customer care representatives who will try to convince you for NOT to cancel the service. These representatives will offer you new attractive packages and other incentives to attract you, as the will get financial reward for the same if successful. If you really want to cancel the service, be tough! You can also have the confirmation of the cancellation request on your home mailing address or on Email.

There are few things, which you should consider while signing new service, these are:
  • Local access of the service provider
  • Terms and conditions of the contract, if any
  • In case of dissatisfaction with the service, cancellation charges are required or not to cancel the service within 30 days.
  • What are the installation charges?
  • Additional equipments required, if any.
  • What taxes you are required to pay?