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Job Searching Guide

Job Searching Job Searching There are many job search sites that are available for both international and domestic job postings; but, as with most things, buyer, in this case, searcher beware!

Some of the more productive sites include Simply Hired, Jobster, Monster and Workopolis, as well as some agency job search sites that are also very reputable as they enable international (as long as there is an office in the location you want) or country-wide searches.

There are also new online tools that you can use that will also in your job searching, but before you begin your search look to ensure you have a working email address. Such programs, widgets and tools that you can use to help along your search that you may never have heard of include: Jibber Jobber, SimplyHired Job Search Widget. JibberJobber is an excellent tool in helping you to keep track of all the information you use when you are job searching. It allows you to keep track of all the places you submit your resume to and logs the status of each of those jobs right through the entire hiring process. This is an excellent tool for any job seeker.

The SimplyHired Job Search Widget allows you to work alongside MySpace by using your profile and looking for jobs. This also works with employers who are using the social networking platforms to find potential employees.

If you chose to follow the online methods of job searching, make sure that follow the following guidelines when applying for that dream job:
  • Make sure that your email address is appropriate for business use
  • If you choose to use instant messaging as your method of communication, make sure your screen name is appropriate for business networking.
  • Do not use acronyms when conducting professional business, like TTYL for talk to you later. Think of what you would write on physical paper and apply that to instant messaging
  • Make sure you have either voice mail or answering machine message system in place.
  • If you send a resume through regular mail, make sure it is on good quality paper
  • Make sure that your resume content includes all the applicable personal information and that it has relevant work history and experience to the job you are applying for
  • Get a contact organizer so you know where you have sent your resumes off to
  • Follow up on where you have sent your resumes