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There potentially can be a great deal of stress involved when thinking of that first interview with the employer that has that perfect job that you know you will excel at. If you are well prepared for the interview and have your Resume well-prepared, this process can go extremely smooth. Here are a few interview tips that will get you over the hurdle.
  1. Practice

    There are typical job interview questions that every employer asks that you can use for practicing for the actual interview. The first types of questions deal with your work history, such as:

    • Name of company, position, title, dates of employment
    • What were your expectations from that job originally and were they met
    • What was your starting and ending salary
    • What were your responsibilities
    • What major challenges and problems that you faced and how did you handle them
    • What were the most and least rewarding in your position
    • What was the biggest accomplishment/failure in your position
    • What was it like working with your supervisor and what did you feel were his/her strengths/weaknesses
    • Why did you/or are you leaving your position
    • Why were you fired

    The second type of questions deal with and about you:

    • Describe your typical work week
    • How many hours were you typically required to work
    • How is your work pace
    • How do you handle stress and pressure
    • What is your motivation
    • Salary expectations
    • What are the most difficult types of decisions that you would need to make
    • Do you work well in a team atmosphere, or individually
    • What are some examples of a team work situation
    • What type of work environment do you prefer
    • What would be a difficult work situation or project and how did you overcome it
    • What is your perception of success

  2. Practice and be ready for any of the types of typical questions that will be asked. There is nothing more disruptive to a job interview as not being to answer honestly and without hesitation
  3. Get ready by selecting the appropriate attire for the position you are interviewing for.
  4. Be on time. This means being five to ten minutes early for the interview. This gives you time to settle down any last minute jitters.
  5. Stay calm and always maintain eye contact with the interviewer and listen to the entire question before answering. This shows you are attentive and that you take the time to focus on the question being asked and formulating the correct answer.
  6. Follow-up. Always follow-up with a thank you note or email for giving you the opportunity to interview.