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Job Search Advice

There are a variety of tips and techniques that can be integrated into your own personal job search, but, let's discuss some of the best search advice to help you land that perfect job.
  1. Networking is the key to finding and searching out that desirable job. When you are out there networking with every person you know, make sure that you do not leave any discussion, meeting or even the room without asking for a referral to even more people. Everyone knows of someone that needs your skills or looking for you as their perfect employee and the chain of referrals can produce the best results.
  2. Keep your resume and skills updated and always current. Make sure every new skill or job that you complete or do is put on your resume as you never know when an opportunity may come up and there is nothing worse than having an outdated resume or the inability to quickly produce one for the person asking.
  3. When you are interviewing, don't be afraid to ask about how you would fit into the organizational structure for which you are applying for. Don't be afraid to ensure that you are getting the best from the job you are applying for. Many times someone will apply for a position that they want a job so badly that they will accept anything that is offered to them. Think about how you would fit into the organization as you are being interviewed and if you do not choose to accept an offer of employment, use that gained knowledge on your continued job search.
  4. Look to both online and offline methods of job searching. Look to the common online methods of your search through sites like; but, also look to the alumni directory of the University or College that is located in the city that you would like to find a job in. If there is an alumni that shares your same degree or certificate, approach them with your prospecting letter and resume and link both of you to the same degree will definitely catch their attention.
  5. Look to speed up your job search through time saving techniques by having all your references in place, post your resume on sites that can broadcast your resume to several different job search sites.